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olawaliumPosted for Everyone to comment on, 2 years ago6 min read

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Everyone seems to be angry in this life. They are angry at everyone and everything. If you ask them what's the basis of their anger, for some they can't even say it and for most, it's because of Nigeria hahahaha. Let's face it, just sitting back and thinking about Nigeria is enough to make you angry. You will get so angry that your anger would get tired.

I witnessed a situation many years ago when I was in a cab. The cab man was pressing his horn for the lady to quickly pass because she was walking slowly and it was an express. This driver had to slow down so much that even I was asking myself, "What's wrong with this lady?". As we know that drivers like having the last word, the driver yelled at the lady and abused her with words. The lady turned around and cursed the man even. She said the man would be unfortunate if he ever hit her. It made me laugh a little because if a car hit you, I don't think you can ever remain the same again. It's like how we used to say here in Nigeria, "Whoever the car hits cannot turn around to catch the plate number."

It got me thinking that a lot of people have so much anger in them and the next person they see that provokes them a little, they would unleash it on the person. We always bottle so much in because we know most of the time we cannot be heard and when we are finally heard, it's not the justice that we seek. Most people already know which side they want to take when you try to complain about a situation to them and this is why I've taught myself never to explain any situation to anyone anymore.

If I get angry with someone and a mutual person comes to ask me what the problem is, I won't be saying much because people take sides with the person they know they have a lot to lose from. This is why most people bottle so much in and God save the person who provokes such a person. That person would never remain the same again.

We are all going through a lot in life. There is no end to the troubles we face daily. As much as I know that most people like to compare problems and even compete with each other for having the bigger problem as though it's a medal, there is no denying the fact that life deals with each of us differently and it runs so deep. You can tell someone I have a headache and if that person is a Nigerian, I pity you because the next thing you will hear is, "Does your headache make your eyes watery? Do you feel it on the right side or left?" After that statement, the next thing you would hear is a hiss, telling you they have had worse or they are having worse that minute.


I don't know why most people are angry and everything pisses them up. They pile up so much pressure on themselves when they need to defuse it sometimes. You don't have to love travelling or vacation before you should think of having one. You don't have to spend a fortune to have a get-away from the things that trouble you. Just take a moment out, go somewhere alone or maybe in the midst of those who give you joy. Just for a moment, forget your problems, not because they don't exist anymore but because maybe, just maybe you will get more angle to the solution in solitary or when you are not trying too hard.

I'm watching a series titled "Suits" and I've been enjoying it so far. There is this renowned lawyer who got angry with someone and the other one struck a nerve by abusing him without knowing all he went through. He mentioned he's so messed up maybe because he has no family to love him and all those garbage and this guy didn't hesitate to hit him. What am I trying to say? I am saying that some people's problems run so deep that you can't see them on the surface but you can see the effect when they get unusually angry and they lash out.

We are experts at stroking the fire in people because we want to get under their skin. We want them to feel worse off than us sometimes so we can feel we are at least better than them. We need to be tender with people. It's not easy and even though we have the things we are dealing with, we shouldn't make everything about us. I am guilty too as we all are but life is what it is. There are so many things we might never be able to change regarding what has happened to us to make us who we are but there are a lot of things we can still do, to change the narrative from what it used to be. We can't go back to make a brand new start but who says we cannot make a happy ending? Life is what it is but who says we can't make the most of the pressure?

There is no one without a demon they are trying to bury under. We are all angry and tend to make things worse with that bottled up anger based on whatever situation it is but we can diffuse it. Take a walk, take a moment away, go on a vacation, just go and spend time alone and maybe you would rediscover yourself once again.

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