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Lessons From Hannah, II.

olawaliumPosted for Everyone to comment on, 5 days ago5 min read


I promised to share 7 principles from the life of Hannah and here are the 6 principles for us to note. I fused one of them into one, so they are now 6 instead of 7.

1. Never be uncomfortable in the presence of your desired miracle.

When you see God blessing others with what you are desiring from Him, it should serve as a reminder for you to know that God is still in the business of giving gifts to us. Some people would desire a thing and would be resenting those who have those things they desire. You cannot attract what you despise sometimes and that's why it's important to stay in there, build up strength and be expectant. God is the God of all flesh so when He is blessing others with what you desire, just trust Him that He would remember you too. The same Lord over one is the same Lord over all. What you don't attack you will attract.

2. Despite her need, nothing stopped the worship of Hannah.

She didn't allow her need to stop her worship. She never stopped going to Shiloh. She was also going with expectations. Praise is a debt we owe to God. We sometimes focus on the things we want and forget to thank God for what He has done so it's important for us to use our waiting period to keep thanking God and never allow our worship to be hindered. Jesus asked the leper, are there not 10 that were cleansed? Where are the other 9? Focusing on what God has done helps in the waiting period as it would increase our faith to know that He would always come through.

When what you are waiting on God for hasn't been realized yet, don't stop worshipping. God wouldn't ignore the worship of His people.

3. Maintain your focus - refuse to be distracted and offended by the actions of others.

Hannah was provoked and misunderstood. The other wife of Hannah's husband provoked her, even the priest misunderstood her as a drunk person. Whatever you are going through, understand that there would be provocations and you will be misunderstood but maintain your focus and let your faith transcend the actions of men. Don't take offence as easily as they are throwing it at you. Don't let them be an obstacle to your miracles.

4. God knows where you are.

God can visit you anywhere. God visited Abraham at his address. God visited Hannah at her address. God can visit you at your workplace, at your home and your place of worship. It means, God still visits and God still listens...so we shouldn't stop speaking and worshipping. Hannah still didn't allow what God blessed her with to replace God in her life. There should be nothing that God gives to you that you can't give back to Him. Anything you can't give back to God has become an idol in your life. There is nothing God gives to us that is meant to replace Him in our lives. Don't let the abuse of a truth take you away from the legitimacy of a practice. Nothing should replace God in your life because anything He gives you is to help you worship Him better. If you can't protect your faith you are misrepresenting that faith.

5. Nobody can out-give God.

The story of Hannah didn't end with God giving her Samuel but it ended with God giving her 5 more children after Samuel. She sowed the seed of worship, faith and sowing in tears and God rewarded her. She gave to God, God gave her more than she gave to Him. There is a reward for your obedience to God. God is a seed multiplier and not a seed eater. What was Hannah's "never", now became her "normal". What has become scarce in your experience would become a regularity in the occurrence of your life. Just stay with God.

6. Don't stop praying. God answers prayer.

Don't stop calling on God, don't stop trusting Him. There is nothing you cannot pray to God about. A lot of people feel comfortable talking to others about their needs before they even talk to God. Talk to God first and watch Him lead you and direct the hearts of men for your sake. While waiting and after you have gotten your answers, don't stop praying, don't stop speaking with God. You can talk to God about anything and it doesn't have to be when you are in need alone.

Thank you for your time.

My pen doesn't bleed, it speaks, with speed and ease.

Still me,

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