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Laws That Guards Economic Empowerment, IV.

olawaliumPosted for Everyone to comment on, 6 months ago6 min read

Today, I will be explaining the last 4 quick laws that would empower you as humans. There are things we need to put into consideration if we want to do something worthwhile in this life.

7 Quick Laws of Economic Empowerment.

4. Law of Packaging.

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I love this point so much because it keeps bringing out the Economist in me hahaha. We all know that we have different kinds of consumers. In simple terms, we have customers that are drawn to how a product is packaged which would make them want to try it out at first and then probably get hooked on that product. I am that kind of person because I like trying new things out and the moment I try it and I like it, I get hooked on it.

For those whose purpose is to meet the needs of others through goods and services, you might need to consider how best you have to package your products because the success of any product lies in how it appeals to the consumers. If your product doesn't appeal to your consumers you can be sure that the success of that product would be minimal.

How you are perceived would determine how you will be received. No customer or consumer shops for a product but an experience. When you part away with your money, you want to be able to get more value for what you are parting your money for and that's the experience the consumers love. A customer wants more than a service but a feeling of satisfaction. Customer satisfaction should be at the forefront of every business and this is why we always emphasize good customer service too since it's also part of the packaging. Whatever you are selling, how you are perceived or your product is perceived would determine the success of that product.

5. Law of Placement.

Most people go into producing what they think people need, solving a particular problem which is also good but they lack the wisdom to discern where their products are most needed. For a product to sell, accessibility and affordability are key. I know we have different classes of products, those that are luxury items and the ones that most people can afford too but it would be pointless to push your products to an area that is predominantly dominated by those who can't afford them.

This is why a market survey is important and this doesn't go for products alone but for the talents we possess. You have to go to where your talent is needed and stop wasting it away in fields that are not relevant because that's how you will gain mastery with your potential. Every good product has a market and every product of value has someone that can afford it. So, channelling your products to the right quarter based on availability and affordability would give you so much success.

If you are into production or rendering of services, if you have a good product and it's not selling, it means that there is a mismatch somewhere that you need to fix. It's either the market is wrong for you and those you are selling to are not within the income bracket to afford it or your promotion of that product is wrong because what you don't advertise no one can patronize.

Most of us have amazing talents but people around us don't even know the things we do. We don't put ourselves out there, so how can they think of you when they need someone with your talent to fix the problem for them? I don't fail to let people know what I do and what I am about. I want to be in people's faces so when they need someone to encourage people, speak to youths, talk about relationships or write about practical life lessons, they won't think twice than to recommend me or come to me.

How are you selling yourself and to whom are you selling yourself? Find the market for your kind of talent and put yourself out there. When they need you, try and be within reach and range. Let this also go for your product if you are into the rendering of goods and services.

6. Law of Process.

Any result that can be consistently reproduced is proof of the mastery of its process. There is a process to getting things done and if you can't get things done, it means you haven't mastered the process. There is a process to getting things done, a process to starting a business, getting pregnant, making a particular dish, assembling a car or whatever you can think of. If you like skipping the process then success cannot be guaranteed. Most people skip the process because they want a short cut which only makes things longer for them. Try and painstakingly go through the process you are expected to be subjected to. There are a lot of lessons like understanding and patience in every process.

7. Law of People.

Your ability to win people over and get along with them will determine your productivity. A lot of people are saucy and they think they don't need others. How far you will go in life is dependent on those you know. If the only people you know are the same set of people for the last 10 years without adding to it, you might be limited in the things you would achieve. Broaden your horizons, enlarge your tentacles and learn how to get along with people. It doesn't mean you just accept just anyone into your space but know the kind of people that are necessary for your growth.

The End.

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