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Laws That Guards Economic Empowerment, III.

olawaliumPosted for Everyone to comment on, last month5 min read

Here, I will be explaining 7 quick laws that would empower you as humans. Things you need to put into consideration if you want to do something worthwhile in this life.

7 Quick Laws of Economic Empowerment.

1. Law of Purpose.

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I want to believe there is no one without a purpose but the issue is, that most people don't even know what they want to do. It took me a long while to find out too and better late than never. In the process of life, we need to discover ourselves. We need to know what makes us who we are. Life is about self-discovery and if you can't discover yourself, you can't stand out.

God's will is God's bill. God will only pay for what He ordered. If you are doing what you are not supposed to do, you will just get frustrated. There is a purpose for you and the path you are expected to follow. If you keep doing what others are doing without checking with your strength, you will see others go farther only for you to be left behind.

Some choices are a result of your ego. Some people make certain choices because they wanted to fuel their egos. Stop getting jealous of people because you might not be heading in the same direction. Speed is useless when a direction is lacking. When it comes to purpose, it is not your decision but your discovery. What have you discovered? Someone said that when you are the only one seeing a problem that others aren't seeing, then it means it's for you to fix that problem...directly or indirectly. Your purpose precedes everything else... A wish and desire are not the same. A desire is a long-standing conviction and a wish can come and go. Your purpose is here to stay and to achieve anything worthwhile in this life, you have to understand your purpose. What would the world miss if you were not born?

2. Law of Potential.

I am sure that God has placed in us a measure of Himself to make us relevant and have a voice to influence our world. We all have a measure of God in us...each of us and this is for us to value each other. We have enough of God in us. We must value what we have but first, we have to discover what we have.

Who you are is greater than what you have because what you have is a result of who you are. What are you good at? What potentials are you blessed with that can help you in the pursuit of your purpose? There is no one without giftedness. No one is utterly useless but not everyone makes use of what they have. In Economics we call it underutilization of resources. You have to know what you have and how you can trade with it to achieve your purpose.

What can you do that others find so hard to do? What comes naturally to you that others struggle to get? What's the first thing that comes to your mind when your wake up? What gives you delight and joy? What do you enjoy doing even when your mood is sour? What's the thing that gives you constant joy when you do it even when you are not in the mood? If you wake up and they asked you to do something without preparation, what's that thing that you are comfortable with? Your potential is embedded in who you are, you just have to find it. Yes, it's okay to develop new skills but how do you learn new skills when you have not even fanned the potential in you into flames first?

3. Laws of Productivity.

Life doesn't reward intentions or abilities but results. We can see the progression there... We have to understand our purpose and then look inward to discover our potential while using our potential for productive ventures in pursuit of our purpose. If you want to amount to anything in life you have to get results. Imagine a team that keeps training like Manchester United and still keeps falling short. Would anyone ever believe they are training when the results keep betraying them?

Life is a result business and this is why it's not just in talking but in doing. You have to get results if you want people to take you seriously. "Your reward in life would be as a result of your demonstrated competence in meeting a need in the best possible ways." - Revo.

It's only when you can convince people that you are that good with your results, that is the only thing that would show where you will be on the reward ladder. The more results you get the more rewards you get and the more rewards you get, the more exposure for more rewards you will be opened to. It all starts with getting that result first. You can't keep telling people that you are trying without results that show your productivity. Only your productivity can speak for you without you saying a word. When people see results, it's easier for them to know the hard work you have put in, behind the scene.

...to be continued...

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