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It's More Than Words.

olawaliumPosted for Everyone to comment on, 2 months ago5 min read

Poetry is powerful and it's more than words. It's the thrill of playing with words while forming that rhythmic pattern that excites me the most. Writing it comes naturally to me even with simple words. I don't want to make it overly complicated but relatable. Enjoy these ones... NB: PG 18...

Breaking Point.


We all have our limits so don't get too comfortable
Not every situation would always be palatable
Be wary of overdoing things even when goodies are on the table
Always remember that life is a test sometimes, be humble outside your stable
Everyone wants to drag others as though they are cable
They expect them to be cool with it as a cucumber on a table
Everytime you hurt someone just know they get a little stronger
They would soon be strong enough to say goodbye for a little longer
You can't treat people like they are a joke and they won't leave like it's funny
Emotional blackmail is what most people use, trying to act cunny
Everyone has their limits and it has nothing to do with money
Hold people like a pinch of salt and expect them to pick you like a bag of rice?
Everyone has their breaking point and it varies, not like a roll of dice
Others keep counting their faults and say it's only thrice
It's not about the times but about when someone has had enough
A lot of people have lost special people because they called their bluff
Don't judge people on face value because you don't know those who's had it rough
There is so much that some hearts can take, leave the drama and grow up
lot of people are fuelled with drama and they overdo everything



It's an insult to think you are only good for the cold weather
I want your body next to mine even in the weather that is warmer
I want to feel messy with you as I drip of sweat with passion
As long as you are lying down next to me, nothing else matters
I want to gaze upon your face in a loving admiration
I want to feel the sensation that comes with your presence
No one makes me feel so much emotions all into one like you
You keep me without holding me in chains
You tamed me without uttering a single word
You led me into the place I've always wanted to go
A place of love, admiration, fantasy, ecstasy and mind-blowing emotions
If this is a crime I would glad go through with it because you make it feel right
I love how your lips tweak and how my body responds
I love the softness of your skin and the tenderness of your lips
I love above all, your kind heart and ability to love without holding back
It takes courage to stay sane in this insane world
I just want to be locked up somewhere with you
Shut against the world and i want only you in my world
This love is intense and it comes with trust and understanding
Loving me and I, loving you has always been my desire
You make it so easy to fall in love with your mind, heart and body
If I have to repeat each world at different times
I always want to meet you and I would want it to be sooner each time
You are worth being so vested into because you are one in a million
I want to turn the light out...I want to keep the lights on
To me, it doesn't matter because your presence is what I want next to me
Chasing away my shadows, keeping on leash my fears and unleashing my passion

Stop The Menace.


Everytime you result to your first to hit her
Even with the pain she told you many times to stop
Your ego wouldn't let you because you always want to be on top
Pick a fight with your mate, why not try hitting a cop?
You give her lemons and yet you want to squeeze her sweetness to gulp
Even with bruised body, still, like a horse you always hop
If she can take a record of her tears, she can pick a bucket and mop
And still, with your ego, like a rock star you feel like a rock pop
When did the love change and why is she less in your eyes?
It's her body yet you claimed it as a property as you redesign her face with your first
Would you allow someone else do that to you or your sister?
She lost her sense of worth just because of your treatment
You force her to cave in with your threats every now and then
It goes into her subconscious that she can't find anyone better so she stayed
You entangled her with words and messed with her head
Just because you want to get her to your bed
Just so you can gladly have your lust fed
While leaving her in pains, tears, tatters and regularly on meds?
She is not a lesser human to you because she's a lady
No gender is of lesser value to the other regardless
Sexual harassment needs to stop and stop the rape
Don't leave her dreams hanging due to your lack of control which hangs by a tape

Thank you for your time.

My pen doesn't bleed, it speaks, with speed and ease.

Still me,

My tongue is like the pen of a ready writer.

Olawalium; (Love's chemical content, in human form). Take a dose today: doctor's order.

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