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Interview With Leona.

olawaliumPosted for Everyone to comment on, last year5 min read


My friend, Leona invited me for an interview - get to know me type and I promised to do justice to it today. The interview questions and answers are as detailed as they get. I love these type of questions because it's a way of opening up and speaking more about myself which I sometimes don't do often unless I'm asked. Enjoy them...

You can read all about her post here:
[The Interview: A Day with the read.cash Users.]


Would you like to share your real name with the blockchain and read.cash family?

Absolutely. My name is Olawale Adeniyi Oladoja. I go with my favourite nickname too which is "Olawalium" which is derived from my first name and the ium was gotten from the 20 elements in Chemistry.

What about your place, including country or only country, please? Of course place of birth and current place, if you don't mind?

I am from Nigeria. A Nigerian by birth. I was born in Oyo State, Ibadan to be precise. Currently I live in U.K, Derby to be precise. Recently moved and that's my first time ever, outside my country of birth in over 35 years. I got here September 14th, 2022.

The readers would also expect your age, or in other cases, some would love to know your birthday as well. Would you prepare to tell them?

Of course... I recently celebrated my birthday on the 20th of October. I am 36 years of age too.

Some users are confused about your sex/gender, will you prepare to disclose it?

Hahaha nothing to be confused about. I'm as easy as it gets. My gender is Male.

What do you do for living?

I am many things. Sometimes I don't even know which one to put first or how to introduce myself mostly. I am a writer, blogger, accountant, Economist, relationship expert, counsellor and a motivational speaker too (the real sense of motivational speaking and not the ones that would psyche you up by saying they became a doctor at 22 and hit their first million at 23...if I can do it, you can do it too...nah. Not the type that became a doctor right from the womb 🤣😂🤣)

When did you step into the crypto world?

That would be in 2017 when I first joined Steemit. That was my first ever exposure to crypto world and blockchain before I started growing into different other platforms. I've been consistently posting every single day since then.

Why and when did you exactly join read.cash?

I joined Read Cash 2 years ago. This account states a year but my regular account then with username "Olawalium" would show 2 years + before I had issue with that account. I shared my poem with that account at a point and someone said I shouldn't have used capital letters for poems. I argued otherwise and made it known that we have various ways and format which the person disagreed with and before I know it, I couldn't operate that account again as it was muted. I can't even remember the username of that person. Maybe I would check.

What advice will you give to the audience (readers), especially those, who are new to the crypto world and/or to read.cash?

Stay at it. It's easier to get confused with the money and desire to have upvote hit you so you can hit the ground running but stay at it. When I joined blockchain, I didn't earn for months. On Read Cash, I didn't even get anything from Rusty for 6 months on my other account and I stayed at it. The money is good, don't get me wrong but learn to see your content as a way of introducing yourself and carving a niche for yourself. Every other thing would be added unto you. Just stay consistent with your posting, engagements and never drop the standard. Focus on your content and stop seeing those who are getting better upvotes than yourself. If for anything, be encouraged to learn how they do it. Try to unlearn and relearn because learning must never stop.

What was the question I should have asked you, which I didn't ask and you would like to ask yourself and answer as well?

What's my view of life? Life can be many things depending on how we choose to see it. Our view shapes our reality and the view we hold for long would determine what we get out of life. I see life as a way to give. What do you have that you have not been given? If you have been given, why boast as though you hadn't? Stop feeling proud because you have bread to eat and always remember, someone owns that bakery. Giving is not giving until you give to someone who might never be able to repay you. We live and learn as we grow and go through life. Life is what you make out of it.

Thank you for your time.

My pen doesn't bleed, it speaks, with speed and ease.

Still me,

My tongue is like the pen of a ready writer.

Olawalium; (Love's chemical content, in human form). Take a dose today: doctor's order.

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