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I Want Him To Go.

olawaliumPosted for Everyone to comment on, 2 months ago4 min read


There have been rumours regarding Cristiano Ronaldo leaving for either Chelsea or Bayern Munich. I know Cristiano is not spiteful and wouldn't join Chelsea but in all honesty, I want him to go. Why? I don't think Manchester United deserve him, that's why.

A player of his magnitude came into the team and delivered every time he was called upon and still they said he was the problem. They referenced the fact that we came second under Ole when we didn't have him and now we didn't even qualify for Champions League. So, how is this his fault? A lot of players dropped the standards when they should have stepped up. I don't care if they were intimidated by Ronaldo but how is that his problem? How do you stop doing your job just because someone else is better at it and gets more attention than you?

Imagine working in a competitive office and because everyone loves a particular staff because he is so good, you feel you are threatened and how is it the fault of the person if you can't rise to the occasion? Manchester United is my team and I don't think that team is ready because all they would do is chase a target all summer with nothing significant to show for it. If only it was easy to change one's football club I would have long since gone to Manchester City or Liverpool...sadly I can't and I won't.

He was the problem they said and he scored 24 goals all season and there were games he didn't even play in. He was the problem and yet in the games he didn't play in, we were hammered and even play more horribly. How terrible can this team get? I don't think they are ready for a revamp. Someone suggested that they are setting their mind on one target at a time because they don't know how much De Jong would cost them yet and since funds are limited, they can't pursue more than once at a go since De Jong is the priority. I understand that funds might be tight but whose fault is it that they allowed so many players they could have cashed out on to have their contracts run down? They put themselves into this mess and they should stop talking about tight funds to pursue their transfer targets.

I want Cristiano Ronaldo to leave because that team doesn't deserve him and I don't think they are ready to throw any weight around for building this team. I've never seen a club so clueless since the guy who burnt his Pizza, got his girlfriend pregnant and froze his beer. It's a matter of time before Manchester United pulls out of this deal and it's understandable why Ronaldo would want to leave.

He is a proven winner. He wants to win. In as much as goals are important to him, he is ants trophies too. I don't think we are anywhere close to winning even a tea cup because if we get close someone would break it...either Maguire would slip or Bailly would do an own goal or Fernandes would miss a penalty or Rashford would miss the final ball. Something would just happen!

I want him to leave so he can continue his impressive career. Players like him don't like goals or trophy draught. Even though Messi didn't get his numbers up in terms of goals last season he would be pleased to lay his hands on the title. That's all that matters to footballers and Ronaldo isn't different. I am beginning to think he made a mistake coming to us, he would have been better suited for Sporting Lisbon or he should have just gone to Bayern Munich since.

I don't think Manchester United are serious and I want Ronaldo to go. I hate to drag him down with us.

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