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History Reoccurring.

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George carried her with the help of a neighbour and put her in the back seat of the car. He drove like a mad man while the neighbour was using the paper found at the back seat of George's car to blow Nancy to consciousness. She was responding and that's a good sign but George was driving while still checking up on her at the back. It didn't take long and they found a nearby hospital and she got admitted. George thanked the neighbour as he was leaving.

"Sir, may I speak with you in private, please?" Said the doctor to George.

George couldn't gather his thoughts but he moved to answer the doctor. The doctor told him she had an abortion and she is stable but they will keep her till tomorrow and the good news about it was there were no complications.

George was disappointed as he went outside the hospital to gather his thoughts.

"If she is capable of aborting a baby, how am I to trust her to handle things on her own?" George thought. He was torn between whether the baby was his or another's and maybe she quickly went for the abortion because she knew he was coming back from the text he sent. A lot of thoughts came through his head and it brought a lot of memories too.

He remembered his old-time girlfriend who did the same thing and that was the basis for their breakup. He can't deal with someone who finds it easy to abort a child without considering the other options or the other party involved.

"I know it's her body and it should be her choice but if I was the father, don't I have the right to at least know via a text even when I wasn't reachable?" He couldn't stop thinking. He felt they shared something beautiful even though he wasn't aware of her past neither did she know about his history too.

His long term girlfriend aborted his pregnancy just when he went on a trip as the last one from the office. He was away for a month and it took the help of a close friend who saw her at the clinic she works that hinted him. He got back devastated, confronted her and she started crying. He told her right there and then that he can't continue with the relationship. He said and I quote:

"Since you don't trust me with things like this, it is obvious that you don't know me at all".

George had no issue with raising a baby. It was written all over him with the way he handles babies and plays with them effortlessly. He couldn't help but think village people must have been at work and they are determined not to allow him to have a child of his own. Nancy had her own fair share of heartbreak too and this time around, due to fear, she was quick to result in abortion yet again despite the scenario being different but her fear took the best of her. She gave love a chance and she couldn't handle seeing it come to a halt again.

George couldn't help but wonder what would have happened if he hadn't gone for the trip. He is an engineer, he would always move around after all. He is torn between holding on to his rule of breaking up with anyone who aborts his baby and following his heart that tells him to forgive just this once.

He remembered Nancy's body frame - the perfect hourglass shape as he put his hand on her hips, the softness of her lips, the way his hands moved effortlessly on her skin as his fingers found every inch of her curve and body texture. She has a perfect body with everything in the right places with perfect moderation. He couldn't get over the soft sigh she gave as he caressed her body and handled it as a manufacturer would say regarding a delicate object "handle with care". He doesn't want to experience this with another person again because he thought she was perfect. He couldn't help but allow the tears to drop but he hid it perfectly with his palms.

He went back to the hospital after gathering his thoughts and he sat just close to her bed. She opened her eyes and held his fingers as he held the edge of the mattress. She spoke gently with tears rolling down her face. She narrated her experience with her ex and how she had insecurity issues when it comes to guys. She made him understand she felt he had acted just like her ex as that seems to be the pattern.

She was looking at George with the hope of taking a peek into his thoughts so she would know his decision. He seems to know how to hide his feeling without giving much away just to appear strong and supportive.

George listened to everything and told her:

"You should have trusted me more"

I shared this short drama on Read.Cash two weeks ago when I was asked to complete a drama. I felt sharing it like this can still give meaning to it. I shared it under my second handle: Olasquare and you can check it also here

Thank you for your time.

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