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Haaland On Fire.

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Dortmund hosted Sevilla after winning 3-2 away at Sevilla for the first leg. It was a thrilling encounter that saw Haaland score 2 goals and here again on the night, he scored 2 goals to knock out Sevilla on aggregate.

Sevilla got their first real chance on the night in the 18th minute when Ocampos found Suso on his favourite right foot but his effort went for the side of the net rather than the back of the net. What a lovely chance it was.

In the 35th minute, Reus was played in and his brilliant ball back found Haaland who had to just slot it home into the empty net to give his side the lead, 1-0 and that's 4-2 on the aggregate. Haaland found Thorgan Hazard in the box in the 46th minute but Hazard could only blaze it wide.

In the 48th minute, Haaland thought he had doubled his lead on the night when his great piece of an individual brilliant effort allowed him to score from a tight angle but the ball was ruled off for a foul by Haaland in the build-up to his goal.

Haaland got a penalty saved in the 52nd minute but it was retaken because the VAR notified the referee that the goalkeeper had stepped away from the line. Haaland took the penalty again in the 54th minute and he scored from the same side he put the saved one. That was a massive 20 goals in 14th UCL appearances and he is still very young. 2 goals for him and 5-2 on aggregate for Dortmund.

Emre Can gave a penalty away in the 67th minute and the referee pointed to the spot. En-Nesyri stepped up and blasted it into the back of the net. The goalkeeper had no chance of saving that. He made it 2-1 and 5-3 on aggregate. In the 5th minute of added time, he produced another goal, this time, a thumping header to draw the game level but still trailing 5-4 on aggregate. The game ended and Dortmund got through to the next round. What a game it was.

Porto went through and now Dortmund. Tonight, we would be seeing those who will get through again with Chelsea playing Atletico and PSG playing against Barcelona. Another thrilling encounter waiting in these two games.

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