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Fool Once, Not Again.

olawaliumPosted for Everyone to comment on, 2 years ago5 min read


Explain a situation in which you were involved when you came out looking foolish. What happened, why, and what did you learn.

This was the chemist lab that time.

This happened many years ago when I was working in another state. I used to work as a "Chemist" as they called it in a steel company in Ogun State, Nigeria. I was responsible for testing the samples they produce to determine the viability and acceptability of each iron melted. I am saddled with numbering and controlling the crane operator on where to arrange the billets in order of quality.

I had no time for most things because, at a point, they loved the quality work that I do and decided to put me permanently on night duty because the guy that I interchange with had the history of always sleeping on night duty without checking the quality of the irons on time which led to many high carbon products being produced. The day they moved me to night duty was when my ordeal and foolishness started 🙈.

I was young, curious and wanted to have fun. I've had my heart broken and I thought to myself, let me just have fun too. So, there was this nice-looking and calm lady in my area then. I got to know her through my cousin's girlfriend. They were friends. I shared the apartment with my cousin and my cousin was rotating his duty; sometimes day, sometimes night duty...it's weekly. So, I asked this girl out and I told my cousin's girlfriend to also speak with her and we vibed so well. We started seeing each other and she would always come over in the afternoon when my cousin is at work.

The affair continued until I saw another fine-looking lady. In all honesty, I was just being friends with her but she showed interest and asked me to take it to another level with her. Foolishly, I agreed because I didn't want to turn her down or hurt her feelings plus I felt, they both won't know forgetting the fact that they lived in the same area even though they were on separate streets.

I took advantage of the fact that they were both not friends even though they knew each other. My cousin's girlfriend was friends with both but both of them weren't friends with each other. I was cruising, dating the two of them together. I got lucky one day when the first girl came over in the afternoon after she allowed me to sleep after work. She came, spent 2 hours and we... Erm...well... Do I need to spell it out? Haha. Come on... You get it... So, moving on... 🙈 We had it and it was intense and fun...

She left I think around 4 pm because I told her I would need to sleep a little more before going to work around 6:45 pm. She left and the moment she left was when the second girl knocked and came in. She came with food, I ate and she wanted her own action too. Ah. Her food gave me energy and we were at it again for another 2 hours as well. She left and I couldn't sleep anymore. I had my bath and was dangling my way to work 😂🤣.

Still the same office then.

My luck ran out after my cousin's girlfriend decided to reconcile her two friends together (my two girlfriends) I am glad she did anyway because that lifestyle then wasn't healthy and good for me. They made up and decided to tell each other what was new in their lives and both mentioned me as their boyfriend. I noticed I heard a knock on the door and I was sleeping that day. My cousin was at work too. I opened the door and in comes the first girl...then my cousin's girlfriend...then the second girl. My heart sank and I just sat there listening to them without saying a word. I knew I deserved it and if I wasn't ready I shouldn't have played with two hearts.

They all left after I had been bashed with words enough but later on, myself and the first girl reconciled and we started dating fully until it hit the rock again many months after but this time around it wasn't another girl, just a difference in opinions and choices.

Ever since then I've learnt never to stroke the fire if I am not ready to stand the heat. Learn to respect the feelings of others and it's not all about having fun but being considerate of the feelings of others too. I stopped playing and waited it out for someone serious to come along...yes, a few crashed too but at least it wasn't on my part and that, I can live with. If you can't withstand the heat just leave the kitchen.

Except you both have an agreement on not being exclusive, never play with people's emotions or feelings. It takes a lot for some people to open up their hearts and love and actions like that would always make it worse for those who decided to love one more time. It takes courage to love so when you are not on the same page with someone, let them know so they can move on. Don't string them along...

Thank you for your time.

My pen doesn't bleed, it speaks, with speed and ease.

Still me,

My tongue is like the pen of a ready writer.

Olawalium; (Love's chemical content, in human form). Take a dose today: doctor's order.

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