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Family Drama - What's Your Take On This?

olawaliumPosted for Everyone to comment on, 2 years ago6 min read


Debby and Dera never got along, in fact, they hardly see eye to eye and it had been like that ever since they were growing up. Debby is the younger sister and she is on the chubby side while Dera is the eldest but with the hourglass kind of shape. Dera had always been blessed with that figure ever since they were younger and Debby had always been on the big side too since then. Dera even thought Debby is jealous of her shape which was why they always fight.

Dera, being the eldest, used to be very calm but as she grew older, despite being blessed with an amazing body as most people would call it, she grew to be tough and aggressive too. This is why she is always on the edge and she would pick on things Debby does even if they are things she can overlook. Their mother always dreads having them together in the same space because there would always be a fight that would burst out and their family enjoys family functions which they are never short of - it means they always come around and they always fight, every time.

Despite the two of them being married, it didn't tone down their aggression and fights but their husbands get along with each other so well and they know when not to meddle into their affairs when they both fight because they would both turn it over them and then they would take it back to their respective homes. The last time Dera's husband tried to meddle, she got back home with him and they didn't speak for a week.

All efforts to settle the fights between both has proved abortive over the years and even their baby brother, Shola, despite his young years, tried but nothing came out but despite their madness, they never turned anything over the head of Shola. They all loved him.

The mother was dying and she felt the need to call them all together to tell them but she was a bit reluctant because she knew the focus would be taken away from her illness to the fight that would come up but she had no choice. She wanted her family together to discuss it and then bond with them. She hoped her potential death might reunite the sisters.

She told everyone to come, even extended family members, even her late husband's family members to come and it was a full house. Even before the mother could say anything, the sight of seeing Debby already annoyed Dera and vice versa and their grandma saw how uncomfortable they were with each other as they shared those angry stares. She made the mistake of asking both of them to speak so they can thrash out their grievances before their mother speaks and that was when the whole place scattered.

They both traded aggressive words at each other and Dera should have known never to talk about Debby's kids. Dera insulted her for being a failure as a mother because of how unruly his two boys are. Debby doesn't joke with her kids no matter how unruly they can be because she would never allow even her husband to talk to them anyhow without raising a fight. Debby lost it and unleashed the bombshell that left everyone stunned. The secret no one else knew except their grandmother, late father, herself and Dera. Dera's husband wasn't even aware of this secret.

Debby revealed how Dera had a baby when she was still in secondary school and even called her loose but the real truth was, Dera was going to search for Debby on the orders of her mother. Debby took longer to come back from an errand and it was late. Dera didn't want to go but was forced to go and look for her sister that night. As she was going on her search, she was raped by a guy on a dark path and while she was being raped the sister was already back home.

Eventually, they noticed she was pregnant because she didn't inform them early about it. The mother told her she would never allow her to abort the baby even though she said she wanted to. She gave birth to the baby after losing close to 2 years of her education which made her sister catch up with her in school. The mother took care of the baby which is now Shola. Debby didn't even know it was her that Dera went looking for that she met that ugly experience that day but she resented her sister because she felt she was loose and her mother had to take care of Dera's baby while not giving too much attention to her as she used to. Dera didn't really forgive her mother for making her have the baby despite taking care of her baby for her.

The mother had to be rushed to the hospital when Debby unleashed this and Dera explained what led to her being raped that day. Debby felt a bit guilty but the mother, knowing how tough Dera could be, knew there was no way both sisters could mend any broken fences again now that everywhere was tense. She passed out and had to be rushed to the clinic.

Shola couldn't utter a word, Dera's husband also stood there, staring at his wife not knowing who he married before rushing to attend to his mother in law. Dera left before the mother passed out. The mother didn't make it upon getting to the hospital and the rest of the family still don't know what to do with themselves after this revelation.

What would you advise them to do?

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