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olawaliumPosted for Everyone to comment on, 2 months ago4 min read

I used to care what people think about me when I was growing up. In fact, I live for those moments to know what goes through everyone's mind. I saw it as a way of being perfect just by knowing what they think of me until I got to know that there is nothing you can do to please humans. Most people tell you what they want to say as long as they can manipulate you to do what they want.

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This life is a funny one but we have to live it. Selfishness has hit an all-time high and everyone is busy tending to their field. It's hard to see someone show genuine care without something in it for him or her. To even accept generosity from others these days you have to be careful because it might come with some terms and conditions which you might certainly not like.

I don't know how we got to this point but it's the reality of life that we are facing. Rather than live in self-denial we have to accept this new reality and work our ways around it because that's the only way to grow and ease yourself of unnecessary pressure and frustration. You have to stay ahead of situations where life is concerned.

Everyone would always have an opinion. I might not agree with what you said but I would defend your right to say the things you want to say. It's yours to speak what you feel but it's mine to accept the reality of it. The truth is, we need to know ourselves more. Most people lack confidence, they don't even know themselves that much or believe so much in themselves which is why they scramble for the opinions of others that can be riddled with lies and deception.

When you know yourself, you can tell yourself the truth and know when someone is trying to manipulate you for their advantage. When you know yourself, you won't stress about what the opinion of others says because you know your truth, you know the areas you need to improve from the few honest feedback you get and know when to ignore certain people's views of what they think of you.

Everyone would always have a view of who they think you are and that's fine. Their view doesn't mean that's your reality. Knowing yourself does the trick because it means you are not selling yourself short. It's how you see yourself that the world would see you. The world wants to reduce you to rubbles and others want to do the same so they can inflate their egos and claim to be better than you. This life is a tricky one.

Don't stress when someone gives an opinion of who they think you are. Seek for ways to be better if there is any truth in it but if there is no iota of truth in it, stop trying to validate their feelings just so you can appease them. You are not in this world to make everyone validated. You are not in this world to make everyone feel happy - you are not bread and beans or Garri or Pizza hahaha.

Jokes apart, even at your best, you still can't make everyone happy. Give your heart to everyone there would always be a few disgruntled who would feel too entitled that would say you have done nothing for them due to their unrealistic expectations. Stop living your life based on how others perceive you. Human standards change from time to time so if you bend yourself to satisfy one aspect, they would come up with something else and you would easily get frustrated as a result of that.

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