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Chelsea Hit Malmo FF for Four.

olawaliumPosted for Everyone to comment on, last month3 min read


As expected, everyone expected Chelsea to win this game on paper and they did. I know the Champions League is full of surprises and we live for these surprises but Chelsea lived up to their billing as they dismantled Malmö by hitting them with 4 goals on the night.

It was a mixed emotion for Chelsea faithful as they would be hoping the injuries to Lukaku and Timo Werner isn't that much especially with the momentum they've got going in the league and other competitions as well. Christensen, Jorginho (2 goals) and Kai Havertz did the damage to Malmo on the night.

Chelsea got the early chance in the 3rd minute after Jorginho found the in-form Ben Chilwell right inside the box with a lovely cross but his header missed as he flew over the bar. Shortly after, in the 5th minute, Lukaku managed to get the ball into the box for Timo Werner and with his two, he missed the target from close range even though the referee pointed for a corner kick.

Chelsea kept the pressure on Malmo and this time around it was Lukaku who had to be denied by the alertness of the goalkeeper after his shot just outside the box was deflected by Larsson but the goalkeeper managed to get a strong hand on it.

Not to be denied for long, Christensen got his first-ever goal for Chelsea in the 9th minute and what a perfect time to score despite waiting for 137 appearances before getting his first goal. Thiago Silva crossed the ball into the box and Christensen was there to bundle the ball into the back of the net to give Chelsea a deserved lead.

Chelsea extended their lead in the 21st minute after a brilliant Lukaku run led to him being hacked down inside the box. There was no dispute there whatsoever as the referee pointed to the spot. Jorginho stepped up and converted the penalty with ease. Chilwell could have added to the 2 goals advantage in the 30th minute after he was found at the back of the post but his audacious attempt was only good enough to fly over the bar. You can't blame a man full of confidence for trying that out.

Chelsea continued how they started the first half after Hudson Odoi raced on goal with a lot of space and he unselfishly found Kai Havertz just to his side. Havertz raced on goal and guided the ball beyond the reach of the goalkeeper to make it 3-0 on the night and his second Champion's League goal for Chelsea as well.

It got worse for Malmö after they lost the ball close to the center of the park and Rudiger was on hand to steal the ball. He exchanged the pass with Havertz who then found him inside the box as well before he was bundled over. The referee had no choice yet again than to point to the spot for the clumsy challenge on Rudiger. Jorginho stepped up again and converted the spot-kick to complete the 4-0 win for Chelsea.

It was a well-worked and fully deserved victory for Chelsea.

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