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Challenges Are Part Of Life, II.

olawaliumPosted for Everyone to comment on, last year4 min read

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Challenges are part of life. We can't pray not to have them. No matter how religious we are, we must have them. It's not a curse but the reality of how God and life works. It's a waste of time to be praying to be without any kind of challenge. Jesus said that in this world we would have tribulations but we should know that He has overcome the world for us.

Jabez had challenge right from birth. He hasn't done anything in life yet he got challenge right from birth. Challenges are part of life no matter how we try to avoid them. Some are orchestrated by us while some challenges just seem to hit us without us doing anything wrong. Stay through and you will come through. You have come too far to throw it all away. You can never outgrow challenges but you can learn how to navigate them.

Challenges are designed to make you better. If you realize what God has deposited inside you, you won't allow any challenge to imprison you. It is not going to be easy but the weight of Glory that lies ahead would give the strength to move on. We learn patience and perseverance by the things we go through. It's scriptural and the Bible also said this in Hebrews 5:8.

Opinion is cheap. Leave everyone to their opinion. Some people cannot afford to feed themselves but the only thing they can afford is their opinion, leave them to it. Don't deprive them of it hahaha. Since they can give it freely without minding their business, let them. It's not what people say about you that matters but what you say to yourself when they are done talking.

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Don't feel frustrated and intimiated by what other people think. Don't add their opinion of you to the challenges you are facing in life to avoid depression. Stop living your destiny at the mercy of men. You can't conquer without a fight. Should we fight the fight we can win or the one we should fight? We can live with losing a good fight but we can't live with not fighting that fight.

If you fail to take charge, those things would control you. The Bible says the earth He has given to man and the heavens belongs to Him. It means every earthly affair has been left to us. This is why we need to start acting rather than keep praying for everything. We have the strength to overcome because we have been equipped. Don't allow challenges to put you down because they are part of your success. It's not easy, don't get me wrong. Challenges are compulsory courses we need to take and if we fail them we would stay on the same spot without advancing.

Stop allowing people to sympathize with you too much. Those who pity you won't even pull you out of the pit. Every challenge has something good in it. Let God reveal to you the good in every challenge especially when emotions have clouded your eyes from seeing the truth about every situation.

Have you read about the story of Abraham Lincoln? I think everyone should read a snippet about his life. He has been failing since he was 22 and didn't become a president until he was 52. He has failed for 30 years. Life is not easy but we have to be persistent. That's the only way to go in life. We can't settle for pity parties when we can at least try to make the most out of our broken wings as we nurse ourselves back to health through healing. We can still make fine tune out of those broken strings.

Thank you for your time.

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