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Challenges Are Part Of Life.

olawaliumPosted for Everyone to comment on, 2 months ago5 min read

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No one wants challenges. No one wants to experience any challenge in life. If you want to graduate from the school of success even though it's a continuous cycle, you have to deal with challenges. There is no success without challenges. They don't have to be pleasant but challenges make us mature in life. We can't do without challenges in life and everyone would feel theirs differently.

We feel it differently and because we can't understand what others are going through doesn't mean we have to invalidate what they are going through. Because we overcame ours at a better time frame doesn't mean everyone would do the same. If we can help to speed things up for others, by all means, let's do that but never judge them or rush them due to how you went through yours. Everyone deals with things differently and reality dawn on everyone at different intervals.

There is no unique challenge, so to speak because as they say, there is nothing new under the Sun. It might be new to you based on exposure but in a different part of the world, there are those going through that same thing which no one knows about. It becomes more amplified because it happens to us.

We all have to face one thing or the other in this life. Someone somewhere must have gone through what we are going through. Life sometimes deals with all of us whether we want it or not. Even the Bible told us that "...when trouble of any kind..." It can be anything; martial, finance or anything. Some things are happening to you in life that you didn't pray for. You don't have to pray for them.

Only the dead can be exempted from challenges. Each challenge is sometimes designed based on the strength we have. We sometimes want a pity party rather than try to see how to get better with it. That challenge is not to be the end of you but for you to understand what it is and learn how to overcome it but I admit, in the process of it, it's never easy to see and understand it which is why we need to have a positive disposition to life while understanding that life happens.


Until your faith is tested, your endurance has no chance to grow. Your faith and character cannot grow if you don't go through challenges. Confession is different from the reality of having to go through things. Some things happen to nudge us in the right direction. If some people have all the things they need, they won't even remember God or be kind to others or do certain things they are doing now. If you go through challenges and you don't learn anything from them, those challenges would always come back.

Allow things to happen to give chance for capacity to grow. It's not always easy and pleasant. It's like when someone asks you to run and you said you can't but when pandemonium happens or you hear a gunshot or you are chased by a dog or lion, you will make that run you never thought you could. You would even say you didn't know you can run... The thing is, the capacity is there but you just didn't know. A person being chased by a turkey and a lion can never run the same way 😂🤣.

Some of the things you need the most are a result of the challenges you haven't gone through. Once you have the capacity for it, you will have it. No challenge is bigger than you. The temptations in your life are not different from what others are going through. God is a faithful God. He won't allow the temptations to be more than what you can stand, so any challenge that comes your way, God has already weighed it and know you can handle it.

You will go through your challenges as I would go through mine. No matter how much you love someone, there is a limit to the help you can give to them because everyone would bear their challenges on their own. We always pray for God to take the challenges away but we should rather ask God to show us what He wanted for us with those challenges. Our emotions always cloud the things we have to see. That's why it's always important to pray to God to show us what we need to learn from them and show us the way out.

...to be continued...

Thank you for your time.

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