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Bayern Munich Left It Late.

olawaliumPosted for Everyone to comment on, last month4 min read


It took Bayern Munich until the 70th minute before the goals came rushing in and it was down to bad luck and of course a resilient Benfica defence to some extent to give Bayern a run for their money. It was a wonderful game of football but the fans had to wait until the 70th minute before they could see the goals.

Sane was instrumental in this victory as he got 2 goals and one of them was a brilliantly executed freekick before Benfica did an own goal and Robert Lewandowski capped the win off with a lovely goal as well. The game ended 4-0 in Bayern's advantage and Benfica would have to feel aggrieved for surrendering at that time of the game.

Sane did everything right in the 5th minute but missed hitting the target after he raced through on goal but his effort missed by just a tiny margin. Coman produced a moment of brilliance too on the left-hand side of the pitch after he managed to squeeze in a shot at the angle but the goalkeeper was able to parry the effort away in the 29th minute.

Benfica had a chance of their own in the 32nd minute after a lofted pass from the back managed to find Nunez. He was closed down quickly and he managed to turn and then go for the goal on his own when he had options but Manuel Neuer was equal to the task and saved it by pushing it over the bar.

Coman was brilliantly found inside the box in the 42nd minute and his ball to Lewandowski was perfect but it was bundled home by the arm of Lewandowski. Bayern thought they had the lead but after the VAR review, the goal was ruled out for a handball.

It looked like it wasn't Bayern Munich's night after a well-worked effort from Coman on the left-hand side as he picked out Pavard on the other end. His brilliant shot was denied by the post in the 47th minute much to the surprise of everyone and a relief to the Benfica players.

In the 55th minute, Benfica had another wonderful chance to take the lead after Diogo Gonçalves was picked out inside the box. His shot was pushed over by the alertness of Manuel Neuer. In the 67th minute, Benfica lost another golden opportunity to punish Bayern Munich after Roman Yaremchuk used his pace and strength to hold off his marker. He managed to get into the box but unfortunately his shot only missed by just a margin from hitting the bottom left corner of the post. A quick lookup, he should have released the ball earlier to Nunez who was well-positioned to receive the pass.

Bayern Munich punished Benfica's misses in the 70th minute after a sensational freekick was perfectly executed by Sane on the right-hand side of the pitch as it flew into the back of the net with ease and precision to give Bayern Munich the lead. 9 minutes after, Gnabry was perfectly picked out inside the box and his attempted cross into the box was headed home by Everton into his net to give Bayern a healthy 2-0 lead.

In the 82nd minute, the floodgate opened yet again after Gnabry's ball from the right-hand side found Sane inside the box. His attempted flick was blocked off but the ball managed to come back to him as he laid it off to Lewandowski inside the box to tap home and make it 3-0. The game was completed with goals in the 84th minute after Sane was picked out inside the box and he guided the ball into the back of the net with ease. Bayern Munich showed to be a deserved winner of a 4-0 thumping of Benfica.

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