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Bale Found Form.

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In a bid to break into the top 4, Tottenham knew they had to produce on the day to have a shot at it after slipping down the pecking other for a few weeks now. They have come under immense attack due to poor results and of course, with their pattern of play too. Gareth Bale found form at the right time and he is helping Tottenham lead this top 4 charge. For this match, Tottenham played host to Crystal Palace.

Crystal Palace played themselves into trouble when Moura charged and dispossessed a Palace player only to find Harry Kane. He wasted no time and he flashed his effort across the post to the willing legs of Gareth Bale, in the 25th minute. Just the goal Tottenham needed to calm their nerves, 1-0.

Crystal Palace showed a bit of their fight just before half time when Eze found Milivojevic and his brilliant cross into the box was expertly headed home by Christian Benteke to draw his side level. Lloris couldn't do anything about it. It was brilliantly headed home, 1-1.

Kane got his second assist of the night. Bale started the move when he found Reguilon at the side of the box. His inviting ball in found Harry Kane who passed with a header into the path of Gareth Bale who then produced another header to put his side back into the game in the 49th minute after the restart, 2-1.

Harry Kane got a goal for himself in a brilliant fashion at the edge of the box in the 52nd minute. A short pass was given to him and in one lovely swoop, he found the back of the net from there to put the game beyond the reach of Palace, 3-1. It was a beautiful effort that bent into the back of the net, away from the reach of the goalkeeper.

The rout was completed in the 76th minute when Bale found Son and his effort into the box with a one time half volley pass got Kane to quickly react and he headed home, 4-1. Jose Mourinho would be impressed with his charges in their push for a top 4 finish.

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