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Allow Us To Dream.

olawaliumPosted for Everyone to comment on, 4 years ago2 min read


Why are we seen as weak
Unfit and unworthy of what we wish for?
Why are our dreams unrealistic to our gender?
Why are we not given the chance to choose
the life we want, the career that we want
and the things we love to do?

I once told mama I would love to fly
just like the boy next door
I want to be high in the sky
like the birds in the air
I want to soar high and convey people to places
Mama said "women don't take risk"

I told mama again
I want to heal, cure and make people live again
she said I wasn't God
I didn't want to be one either
I just wanted to care and let Him cure
Mama said God gave such grace to male only

Let us dream too
we are humans just like the males
we want life too
give us the chance to live one
We want success too
give us the grace to achieve it

Thank you for your time.

My pen doesn't bleed, it speaks, with speed and ease.

Still me,

My tongue is like the pen of a ready writer.


Olawalium; (Love's chemical content, in human form). Take a dose today: doctor's order.

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