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olawaliumPosted for Everyone to comment on, 2 years ago4 min read

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We are shaped by our experiences in life. What we have been used to over time has a way of staying with us in the positive or the negative.

You have to be smart and considerate when you are in a relationship. You need to go into it with your head as well as with your heart because a balance is needed - You can’t be too emotional and be detached from reality and you can’t be too real that you will not allow yourself to feel.

When your partner is not making you feel better then what’s the point in staying with the person? And when you are blessed to meet someone who makes you better try to hold on to them and believe in them.

I know a young lady that started dating a guy that was slightly older than her. The guy is from a well-to-do family and a spoilt one too. He was serving (NYSC) as of then and yet the father still sends him monthly allowances. The allowance is like 5 times the money he received from the Federal Government and also he gets paid from where he was working too. He earned that much and still, he had no savings.

He is an outgoing guy who enjoys the company of his friends and because they know how rich he is, the demand is always on him to foot the bills every time they go out and you can imagine how much the drinks they would order for, knowing that they won’t be the one to pay. This lady came into his life and changed things. She made him better and tried to shape him for the future she wanted them to have.

She changed his thinking and challenged his character which is exactly what he needed. Your association would determine how far you will go in life, that's the truth. If you want your life to change, change your circle of friends. When you walk with giants, you won’t only see far but you will go far. You will remain the same in 5 years except for two things; the company you keep and the books you read... That's what a wise man once said. With the right kind of association, you will move faster and go higher but with the wrong kind, you will sink deeper and faster too.

She told him that he can spend the money he is receiving from the Federal Government and also his place of work and challenged him to never touch the money his father sends to him. He reluctantly agreed and she collected the ATM card to that account that the father sends money into and even the mobile SIM that receives that alert. She kept it and after about a year when he was done with service, she took him to the ATM and then showed him the balance; to at least earn his trust that she never touched the money and to see the joy in savings. He was over the moon and excited.

He took her home, introduced her to the family and everyone accepted her. She bonded with the mother so fast that she would call her to come to the house and help them out when they have a family function that requires extra hands and of course, the cooking aspect too. She is humble and would always go. She loves helping out and she sees herself with that family already based on the love she has for him.

One morning, the guy requested his card because he wanted to do some business. She gave him the card because she believed it was really for business, not knowing he wanted to buy a car with it. She never questioned him based on trust but she told him he should have been honest about it. They got close and comfortable and you could see they were destined for marriage.

She visited the boyfriend’s apartment one day and he requested his special meal. She obliged him and cooked it. When she was done cooking the food, the guy ate it and she left the house. On getting to her house, the guy called and asked what she added to his food because he is seriously purging and having stomach upset. She was dumbfounded at the supposed attack... She was shocked, to say the least... Her head spun especially with the way he spoke and the pains he was feeling...

...to be continued...

Thank you for your time.

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