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Relationship Talk, II.

olawaliumPosted for Everyone to comment on, 2 years ago5 min read


The moment he dropped the call, he called his mother and the mother went to his house to get him to the hospital. At the hospital, the mother called this girl and started threatening her. She called her all sorts of names and even threatened to wipe away her family if anything ever happened to her son. She called her a gold digger who wanted to kill the guy because of money; obviously, the guy has told the mother how his ATM card was with this girl for a year. She was getting close to the house already after the guy called but the moment the mother called, she turned back and didn't even bother to ask which hospital he was taken to. She knew her visit would only make things worse. The mother chose to focus on the wrong thing and failed to understand the importance of what that girl did for her son.

She couldn’t stop the tears but all she could do was pray to God to preserve the life of the guy because she did nothing to him. The test results came out and it was not poison. It has nothing to do with what he ate. He was treated for something else which they didn't disclose out of shame and he went home after 4 days. On getting to his apartment, he called this girl to come over that he was home and she went to his house. She didn't call him all those times too but she was sending daily prayers which he was replying to...a way for her to know at least he is okay, alive and nothing critical has happened.

She got to the house, she didn't say too much. She just dropped the ATM card, dropped his apartment keys and left without looking back even with tears in her eyes. He was apologizing but she didn't say a word. He thought she was taking it too far but she had to leave this guy because when trust is broken, it is very hard to build back. Today, she got off the hook, what happens if he died and they didn't have the clear head to carry out an autopsy? It kept playing in her head...

The mother called her too and apologized but she was determined never to have anything to do with that family again and sincerely, I think I supported her stand. The father got to know that the girl has stopped coming around the house and the younger sister to that guy explained everything the mother did to that girl and the father called her as well. The father thanked her for her love and support and also praised her efforts in trying to make his son responsible. The father said he would have picked a bigger fight with her and questioned her sense of worth if she ever wanted to date his son after everything the mother did to her and how badly the boy behaved without sticking up for her in the whole thing. He offered an open arm to her as a father figure telling her that she is free to call him anytime and that he supports her decision to stay away from such a toxic atmosphere. Obviously, the man knows his wife too much to allow such a sweet soul to get entangled in her web. He must have known that it was not a one-off and his wife would still act up later.

A relationship requires some level of trust and understanding. You should never be in a love relationship with someone you don’t trust because even at their best, you will always doubt the sincerity of whatever they have done. You will question their good intention at every turn.

A relationship is not for babies but matured minds and age is never a factor of maturity while being famous doesn’t mean you will be relevant. When you understand what love means and what a relationship stands for, you would understand the sacrifices, that are required of you. It's not a child's play and it baffles me how people don't understand this which explains the story a friend of mine also shared two days ago.

Love is sweet, and kind but love is never without reasoning. You need to shun external influence in your relationship because when you allow outsiders to run your relationship, they are only trying to give you the relationship they have or infuse into yours what they have seen whereas you should determine how you want your relationship to be.

The boyfriend said he accused her of poisoning the food because his close friend got poisoned by a lady he was also in love with and carried his money away before he could be found and revived. This is why I said that we can never throw away the place of exposure in a relationship. We need to unlearn and relearn. If you haven't dealt with your insecurities and whatever garbage you have to deal with, a relationship isn't for you...yet. Don't expect your partner to make you whole because you are supposed to make things easier not difficult. I am not saying your partner can't be there for you in your struggles, of course not, I am only saying you have to make efforts without having to dump everything on them.

You need to leave your garbage at the door when you enter into a relationship because if everyone starts treating you the way they feel from their past relationship or what they have seen or heard, no one would enjoy any kind of relationship.

Thank you for your time.

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