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Featured Artist - Wud Records

nyertun3 months ago3 min read

Wud Records

Indie label since 1984. Due to Brexit we left Brexeter in 2017 and went on a Grand Brexodus. Now brefugees living in brexile from the Fragmenting Chavdom of Totally Shit england, and Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Home to Flicker, Dark Company, Pok the Bard, The Bastard Sons of Dennis, Alchemeon, Clonk!, Doctor Watson, The Ug Brothers, Alien Heat, Rough Terrain, The Subterraineans, The Addled Eggs, The Masters of Drone, Laughing Sun, Wud, Lemming Meringue, Sirius Rising, Now, Fooog Dinboffin and the Release, Mark Drower and the Everyones.

Archive supporters of Andromeda, Ember, Goodstaff, Guarana, Murdock, Prism, Pyg, Recluse, Search Party, Spacegoats, Stephen Yates, The Chillun, Watershed.

Underground, outsider, progrock, musicianship & composition.
Champion of the underdog.

Real music or silence please. Long live the revolution!

Wud! You have just been wudded. ;-)

Featured Track

Alchemeon: It's A Blue Sky Don't Hold No Rain (w)

It's A Blue Sky Don't Hold No Rain by Alchemeon, from Alchemeon Live In Session Winter 2008-09.

Alchemeon, named by Jim, began in November 2008 and lasted until May 2009. The name comes from a combination of ‘alchemy’ and an anagram of ‘chameleon’, which is a play by Pok that has been performed by a variety of casts on numerous stages over several years.

The band Alchemeon showed great talent and potential and sadly it ended all too soon with only a few snatches of recordings of them in rehearsal remaining.

Alchemeon featured the talents of Pok on guitar and voice, Jim on his vast banks of keys and voice, the amazing Iggy on drums and George on bass. Their set consisted of several songs from Spacegoats and Laughing Sun as well as some new material.

We came across some bones of men
Scattered in the rust
So many good souls turned to dust
Within their shattered husks
And these people had worn jewels
And their heads had been held high
Speckled foreheads touched the sky
Behold the sparkling in their eye

Don’t you know it’s a blue sky
Don’t hold no rain
Don’t hold your love in vain
‘Cos we’ve still got some loving to do

Some time ago the white man came
Bringing bible books and swords
Bound them up in twining cords
In the name of their great lord
They slew down the Aztec
Inca Ibu Masai
Now we hide in concrete lies
So to my Mammon side I cry

What have we done
To the Mother Goddess Gaia
Why can’t we nestle in her
Warm aching bosom

Now the world’s a spinning ball
Two thirds with none to eat
So while we chew our scrawny meat
Can you hear those big bells beat?

What have we done
To the Mother Goddess Gaia
Why can’t we nestle in her
Warm aching bosom

Words and music by Simon Miller.
This arrangement by S. Miller/G. Davies/J. Peters/Iggy.
This version recorded live at Depot X, Exeter, 13th January 2009.

Copyright © 2018 Wud Records.
Copyright ℗ 1983 Pok Songs/Explicit Music.

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- http://www.wudrecords.co.uk/ - https://twitter.com/WudRecords - https://wudrecords.bandcamp.com/ - https://soundcloud.com/wud-records - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSCHeSDSnGNzp1H7wo7DVLw - https://www.facebook.com/WudRecords/ - http://www.explicitmusic.co.uk/
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