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Dsound - Angels Sigh

nyertun3 months ago2 min read

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Angels Sigh - Music Soren Groth, Lyrics Steve Graham

In the sky, the angels sigh, but war still rages on
A tide of blood is rising high, and everything's gone wrong
Angels cry, we say goodbye, the world just walks away
Angels sigh, angels cry, revolution is underway

Think about why the angels sigh, think about what went wrong
Why do mothers have to cry, too often and too long
Will you stay or will you flee, It's time, you must decide
Stand with me, proud and free, defend our nations' pride

Tell me why the angels sigh, why does my heart beat strong
Why did our children have to die, how did it go so wrong
When angels sigh, we kiss goodbye to freedom in this land
Unless we join our comrades, and fight them hand to hand

What will you do, what will you say, tell me it's not too late
Try we must, to find a way, the angel's at the gate
Will you stay or will you go, it's time, you must decide
Will you throw it all away, or stay here by my side

When angels sigh and angels cry, we have to do what's right
With gun in hand, defend our land, courageous in the fight
When evil is upon us, we are left with one solution
Raise the flag, fall in line, join the revolution
released June 23, 2018

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Hey I love to play guitar, and compose songs talking about issues that concern me !! You can find me under my artistname Nyertun - Founder of Beats4Change - using creative skills to raise awareness and funding for sustainable development of caring communities in which every member can live a dignified life and is respected as a valuable contributor to the process.


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