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One Year Of Shows Under Our Belts - How Many Posts Curated?

nikflossus6 months ago2 min read

So I was attempting to calculate the impact this show has had on new blockchain users. In terms of posts curated, assuming 8 posts per show, that's 416 posts. But that's just the beginning. There's a lot lot more. I'm thinking of cataloguing all the stuff this show has achieved in a post. But for the moment I need your nominations for best 'introduceyourself' posts. Details below!

whaleshares radio show big.jpg

How to enter

  • Browse the introduceyourself category and find a post you love. Bonus points for users new to the blockchain or posts with low rewards

  • Copy the link

  • Reply to this post with the nominated link

  • Reply to your chosen post with this text: 'You have been nominated for a Whaleshares New User Award' and link them to this post.

If your selection is chosen (and I might pick a few) you share an upvote reward with the new poster. Great idea eh? We'll tell you more about Hairshares which is an awesome charity, and maybe get @nepd1 on the show, soon.

What we do...

Every Monday the NEW Whaleshares Curation show aims to reward quality posts from the Whaleshares platform with solid upvotes. At present we select from any and all posts. As the platform expands the criteria for selection may change.

What else we do...

We also run an award and competition system, targeted outside the platform and indeed outside of the crypto world and utilising judges with real world influence and reputation, aiming to bring 'normies' into crypto. More on that to come.

What do I get out of it?

You get to interact with a fun and interesting group of people. Hopefully you get to enjoy an interesting show AND you get free krazykoin for listening. What more could you ask for?

How to join in...

Come the the Whaleshares server on discord and head to 'live events'. You can participate in the text chat, listen to the voice chat or do both. Here's a link: https://discord.gg/yV8bx2G

And lastly...

Without the support of @krazykrista and her krazykoin this show wouldn't be able to go ahead. Thanks to her.


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