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Super Bowl LIII Contest - Win Hairshares Tokens!

nepd18 days ago

As you can tell, Finn is incredibly excited for the New England Patriots Super Bowl game later today. He can hardly contain himself.

We're doing a little HAIRSHARES token contest today as well to help make the game more exciting for anyone without a rooting interest.


One Entry Per Person

Answer the following five questions plus one tiebreaker.

  1. More Passing Yards - Brady or Goff?
  2. More Rushing Yards - Michel or Gurley?
  3. More Receiving Yards - Cooks or Edelman?
  4. Will the Rams run a Fake Punt - Yes or No?
  5. Will Rob Gronkowski score a TD - Yes or No?
  6. Tiebreaker - Total Points Scored in Game


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