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Hairshares Stickers Are In! Want Some? Become an Ambassador!

nepd4 months ago2 min read

My Hairshares Stickers have arrived! I'm super excited... now I just need some help in spreading the word.

I'm still looking for friendly fellow Whales willing to be ambassadors for Hairshares and Whaleshares in the real world. I want to start with a small group of ten motivated people that aren't afraid to go talk with owners of Hair Salons and Barber shops.

Ideally, they would be in or around a metropolitan area with many of these locations available. Ambassadors should have a strong working knowledge of Whaleshares, Whaletokens and the Bitshares DEX.

This is what they will hand out.

Hairshares Ambassadors Kit (Given to Salon Owner)
-Hairshares Donation Location Sticker ( five mailed to you)
-Hairshares Infographic (printed out)
-(More to come)

This is what ambassadors can be rewarded with.

Hairshares Rewards
100 HAIRSHARES for signing up as a Hairshares Ambassador (first ten accepted)
100 HAIRSHARES to Ambassador for signing up a Salon that displays our sticker / infographic
200 HAIRSHARES to Ambassador and Salon if they sign up for Whaleshares.io
500 HAIRSHARES for any Donors from these Salons that join Whaleshares.io

Pictures are required. This is just the beginning of the program and all facts/figures are subject to change.

If you are interested in becoming an ambassador, leave a comment here and find me on the Whaleshares Discord server for a more in-depth conversation.

~Your hair is the gift that keeps on growing~


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