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Telos4africa Meet-Up (14th Dec, 2019)

mosun-omotundePosted for Everyone to comment on, 3 years ago2 min read

Yesterday was an amazing, activity filled day. We held the first ever Telos4africa meet up in Lagos and it was a massive success. We had a turn out of about 80 people and it was really encouraging. Our guests' feedback were also amazing. Our only issue was inadequate time management. We began later than planned and subsequently ended much later than we should have. I will post better pictures as soon as they are ready and share more details about the meetup.

The Telos4africa team, spear headed by @marshallife (Destiny Marshall), worked as an unified team with every one pitching in their unique abilities as well as their best to ensure the event went well. We took this picture at the end of the program after most of our guests had gone and we were all totally exhausted. Telos adoption in Africa is our goal and I believe we are off to a very good start. We will hold the Telos4africa Charity event next weekend at an orphanage in Ibadan in collaboration with the #MakeAChildSmile team. I can't wait to see the happy smiles on those young faces. Telos is here to give people a chance for success on the blockchain and it is to stay. I am really glad to be part of a team capable of making a positive difference in people's lives.

Cheers and thanks for reading!

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