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POEM: A New YEAR, New BEGINNING - Discord Spoken Word Entry

momogrowlast month3 min read

It is a new beginning – but isn’t every day,
Every ending leads to a new start - that is what “they” say.
This old world is made new, cool thought - but makes no sense,
It all about new thoughts and what we do, hence…...
I was asked, “Momogrow – what are your resolutions?”
Hmm, I get nervous just coming to conclusions.
Making a real or proverbial list,
I do not want to go there - I will give it a miss.

My resolutions are made and broken every single year,
Reminder of my failures, why should I care?
Why start the year with wishful thinking,
A list of things - unnatural dreams - which are ego shrinking.
Not of the habitual - like the person I have now become,
the best procrastinator under the sun.
Ok, ok - I will nip this negativity in the bud –
get real and get rid of this New Year’s “fud”.

I now have my own tradition - yes - it is the concept of self-reflection.
Let’s give this some serious thought - as the old principle for me was fraught.
The events of the past year are easy to find,
The good and the not so good springs to mind.
"What should Istop doing?" identified and dismissed.
"What should I continue?" – aww it worked – I will keep this.
"What should I start doing?"– what will be good for me? – yes
This simple principle I will put to the test.
Actionable, revisit-able it will be no stress, no stress.
Then at the end of the year, I’ll not be a self-defeating mess.

Aww that feels good - a load off my chest.
I like to start the year light, with no distress.
Thinking of possibilities, hope, promises and being at my best,
Learning from mistakes, trying - a true work in progress.

The start was amazing, joyous and within my core
I have embedded this sentiment since I just want some more.
I know it is up to me - even if someone “ruffles my feathers”,
I will shake off and rise up stronger - even better!
I cannot go back in time and create a new beginning,
but I can start today and create a new ending.

I hope my ramblings - you, I can inspire,
Because true joy for all is my deep desire.
I am now sending you all some positive vibes,
Make this year fantastic - just be Joyous, be Love - enrich your lives!!


For the non-crypto reader:
Fud - Fear, uncertainty and doubt

This was my entry for Whaleshares Discord Spoken Word by @wolfgang-apha.
The theme was A New YEAR, A New BEGINNING.

Photo taken by me with my iPhone 6S - in a plane over the North Sea - December 2018.


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