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A Poem - Some Strategy - The Beast is Nigh!

merej99last month5 min read

The time is near when a whirlwind of activity will capture my attention as The Beast rises from a couple months slumber to terrorize those who dare take it on.

My biggest struggle will be to write one post a day for 14 days and remain a SAVAGE BEAST. I've no doubt that my comment count will be on target because that is the part that I really enjoy; the interaction with old friends and new acquaintances. The excitement is real...and so is the dread. But I don't want to think about how I'm going to juggle everything. I'm just going to enjoy the process and see how far I get. To that end, dear Beast participants, I've written you a little poem.


'Twas the Night of the Beast Launch

Twas the night of the beast launch, when all through discord
All the beasties were restless - yes, even the mods;
The prep posts were written for those that would dare
In order to finish fourteen days with flair!

The children were hungry; the laundry not done
'Cause all of the beasties were toiling; such fun!
One post a day, is not so much trouble
but se'en hundred comments make people kerfuffled

The coaches are ready with quiet excitement
As content creators do suffer affrightment
The poets may write like they're dark, dreary and doomed
While others go 'bout their business unassumed.

I'm ready. Let's do this! We bellow; cajole
No worries of losing our heart or our soul.
Yes, friends, it is time to get on with this test
'Tis when it is over when we fin'lly get rest.

Sleep beasties. Sleep well.
For this is something that I'm willing to tell
It may not be easy. This will be a trial.
But if you keep going you'll see it's worthwhile!



My strategy for The Beast

It's kind of ironic that I can be organized for work stuff but when it comes to keeping myself organized, I'm a hot mess!
You know that saying, "A mechanic always drives the piece of shit car." Ah well!

As often as I've said it's a marathon, not a sprint, I've finally put together some ideas to keep the creative momentum going. I'm hoping that our wonderful beasties will keep me on task too. LOL

Here are 14 ideas in no particular order to fill 14 days worth of content.

#spotlight - I have a couple of email interviews that I'm looking forward to publishing

#aviation - I'd like to write about the WASPs (Women Airforce Service Pilots) of WWII

#laureate - I am committed to participating in @laureate ultra flashblasts and fully embracing the critiques and rewrites

#met - With my small business and retail experience, I'm pretty sure I can write and curate content that is business-related. Speaking of MET, you should definitely check out their Comment Scouting initiative. It seems like a perfect fit for community engagement.

#monochromemonday - photography? Yes. I can do that.

#poetry or #poetryattack - @dklef hosts 12 Lines Poetry Attack for #nsfw content

#mysterybox - did you know that @father2b is hosting a Mystery Box contest? Details here. Why yes, I can write a post about a lovely person (or two) who could be interviewed.

#recipe - @claudiaz is trying to put together a cookbook of Whaleshare recipes. Donate a recipe and get a free book!. I definitely have recipes!

#realtalk - this is a tag that I've started using to just sound off. I like it better than journal or diary. They're my unfiltered thoughts or experiences.

#testimonial - I'm planning on launching a YouTube initiative to help promote Whaleshares. Yup, I'm getting on video...but I'm not shaving my legs for you.

#reviews - I haven't decided if I'm doing a movie or TV show or product review. Maybe I'll do one each?

#tutorial - I promised a tutorial on how to solve the Rubik's Cube. Now's a great time to put that together!

#advice - one of the things I love to write about are helpful tips to grow community through best practices. What can I share with you that brings value?

#followfriday - this is a good post to highlight someone new on the platform - but it's kind of in line with the spotlight tag but they are different. Spotlight will be interviews and followfriday is where I'll select a random person and write about them.

The main tag

#thebeast - oh yes, the beast will be occupying my time for the next two weeks but the final post of the challenge is going to be a celebration post!

We can do this!

Have you signed up for The Beast? - Details here!

Word Count: 752


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