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Getting some fresh air..

menolast month

It's been a while since we've gone out to hike, truthfully with the day job I landed at the end of 2018, it seemed like any further physical activity was overkill, but this week's events have changed those dynamics.


Funny thing about hiking in Florida is that it can be more accurately described as swamp walking, since there isn't a hill in sight to begin with. That being said, sweating, which is the objective, is unavoidable, since the heat and sun combo with a side of humidity is something inescapable.

I think this basically signals I'm "good to go" now, if I'm feeling good enough to hike, then I'm over this bump in the road and I'm feeling pretty happy about that. Still, I'm not going to start eating unhealthy food or something like that because I'm good, still, lots of water and greens.

Hope everyone is having a beautiful Sunday.



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