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Wave of cetaceans - Poem - Whaleshares Writing Challenge! - Bigger rewards - Project Milkbox

megaela9 months ago2 min read





I wrote for a living,
without pretending to be a good feather,
one verse or another rhymed,
without pretending to be Neruda.
separador 1-01.png
I saw in Steemit a good piece of land,
for my little letters to sow,
wanting to reap its fruits,
I put a lot of effort into it.
SEPARADOR 2-01.png
But a meme was better,
also some verses without rhyme,
without commas or spelling,
they get all the reward.
separador 1-01.png
I continued to work hard,
even though I was unhappy,
always looking for another piece of land,
where my plants will lift.
SEPARADOR 2-01.png
From a project I heard about,
in beta then was,
I didn't take my eyes off him,
until its doors opened.
separador 1-01.png
I came to Whaleshares today,
but this time it wasn't just me,
I have the experience with me,
what I learned and love.
SEPARADOR 2-01.png
To share and reward,
who, like me, are in the mood for it,
showing his best,
always wanting to improve.
separador 1-01.png
You tell me, what a good thing,
elbowing you from you to you, with a whale,
talk to him like anyone else,
that you feel like a good partner.


This is my participation in the writing challenge of @milkbox.info published by @ienrikex, also published in Steemit and in my other blog.

Material from other authors:
cover sheet, spacers,

Thank you for reading these words of my authorship.

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