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Pink Maid (We-Talent round #3, Original artwork + process)

maya5257 months ago4 min read

Yello Whalesharers!!! This is for #we-talent's contest :) I hope you all enjoy, this is old art btw.

Welcome or.. Welcome back (unless my previous readers got scared reading my stuff), today we're gonna look back into the past and just see how far I have come from like.. I dunno when I was like, 12? By the way

Not so fun fact:

The first drawing this is one of my attempts to draw on a phone, with my finger, although this isnt like, my first ever try, but it was the first time I did try to put effort into something using my fingers.

The second drawing was done in 2017, so yeahh, theyre both kinda old art? But I'm still proud of them all :) I posted it on my it's peeps account on G+

"My gosh, it looks terrible" I know old art is old art anyways, am I right inner doubts? :)

I'll probably make a 2018 one soon maybe but I don't have any motive and don't know how to do it better or improve it. Ripp

Anyways I don't have the progress of my old art :(, but luckily I HAVE ONE FOR THE 2017 ONE WHOOO!!



Time took: 3 hours 52 minutes
Programs used: Ibispaint
Tools: my finger, my phone, contract to the devil and sell your soul and body

First of all we started with...


The lineart?


N-nani??!?! Isn't that the sketch?!?! Top 10 anime plot twist?!?!

No no, I meant the sketch is going to be the lineart, I made sketchy things and refine them again by erasing some outlines, and I repeat this over and over, until it looks good.

Now this is the refined sketch I actually tried to redesigned her to make her look more appealing and interesting to see and look at

For some reason I refined it even more because I think it wasn't enough, man 2017 me is more talented and not lazier than me XD or just.. Don't know the secret cheat code. 👀

Base colors, I didnt wanna make it the same colors again. And..

Shaded some stuff and colored in the lineart to look more softer,

Remember guys NEVER SHADE WITH BLACK always move your color wheel. In real life colors are kinda not like that.

Coloring the lineart even more so it looks more nicer to look at

Finally did some shining and sparklesss!!

Using blending layer overlay to make the image look more cooler, but then I scratched that.

And just use multiply instead haha, with shading and shit

Then I made her mouth open for some reason unknown that scientist cannot find the answer either.



Here ya go, with the new and improved Maya 525 (or my other account it's peeps) drawing from 2017. Plus at th3 end of the drawing I added in some decorations? Flowers on her dress etc.

So howd you like it? I'm proud of 2017 me, it looks better than the 2012 version of this random princess maid girl water guy. I hope you liked it :))

So yeah please check this one out help me please im cyriene, "shameless plug huh?" yep, help m e-

And that's all from me

Please visit my instagram!


If ya wanna heres my discord because I'm bored lol https://discord.gg/2ZyK7M

Vote to support if ya wanna, if you have questions or anything, comment or something, I'll mostly reply, I hope it has helped some people. Thanks for stickin around. And that's all from me, sweet nightmares.


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