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EOSBIT is a Bandwidth token, a token that is intended to be worth bandwidth in the EOS network.
A Token Bandwidth is a ticket supported by% bandwidth on such chain and this Token would be supported and used on the EOS CHAIN network - Because bandwidth is a limited resource,this token will be backed by the amount of bandwidth specified in the EOS ecosystem,
this token will be worth a certain amount of bandwidth, and will soon be live on the EOS Chain - Once this takes place this token will worth alot in the future,getting asmany as you can is very crucial at this moment cause once everything is in place it would be hard to earn this so easily or free.

How can you get this tokens?

They are different ways to get and earn eosbits, You can get the eosbit token from purchasing it from Bitshares or by doing some minor task related to the eos chain initiatives

  • Official fuzzy [ @officialfuzzy ] do put up different task relating to the eos community initiative - participating on this task will definitely earn you eosbit and some other valuable tokens from each completed task

  • you can also earn eosbits from eosbounties on telegram, what you just need to do is to share the eostalk weekly post to other eos telegram group and submit your POW to show you did share to other groups with screenshot to the eosbounties group alongside your bitshares wallet id 馃啍 at the end of the week, 10 to 20 EOSBIT will be distributed to your bitshares wallet 馃槈 cheers

Telegram group https://t.me/eosbounties

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