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Whaleshares sharedrop claim awareness (Win krazykoin and beyondbit contest Inside)

marshalllifePosted to Public11 months ago3 min read

The whaleshares platform experienced a full website launch on September 1st 2018, A discussion from one of the BeyondBitcoin hangout on discord became reality.
Many hodlers of whaleshares/bitshares/brownies point/ got a Sharedrop of the platform asset called whalestake.
Whalestake is the vested power up used in the whaleshares platform and responsible for users to perform activities on this platform.

Claiming of whalestake is on and eligible users are claiming their vested whalestake,
This process won't last for ever and would end same September 15

It would be nice and lovely people get aware and claim their sharedrops before its all over and they regret they didn't get the Info's on time.
On our discord group of the atlas project ,[coming to whaleshares platform pretty soon]
We have already started creating awareness to individuals out side the platform and over twitter/Reddit/instagram/ in order to remind bitshares users who might not be aware of this process yet not to regret or missed out and claim their whalestake.also this will help more people gets aware and join the sharing platform.
we start the campaign today and hopefully praying we get this info wide and wide social media's ✌️

You too can join the atlas team on discord, , get verified and help campaign on twitter to users who are not aware, for them to claim their part of the 21 million whalestake and you get rewarded for it.

Now the contest

🌟 Your mission should you choose to accept it

1st contest

Tweet about this on twitter with the images below, accompany with some text explaining your images.
add this tag #wlsclaim #sharedrop #airdrop
[we will find your tweets and Retweet for more visibility] or you can also use Reddit.


Second contest

Post this image 👆 👆 👆 accompany with some words on Instagram and Facebook

add this tags #wlsclaim #sharedrop #airdrop to your Facebook/Instagram

For example 👇 👇


third contest

Use any social media you love most, steemit /whaleshares/medium etc

write a blog post about the sharedrops and the dates it ends, plus usefulness of claiming your whalestakes.


Reward for winners

1, for every Tweet/Reddit post earn you 10krazy koin {you can do this thrice only on different platforms}

2,for every facebook/instagram earn you 10krazy koin and {you can do this twice only on different platforms}

3 every blog post earn you 10krazy koin,10 beyondbit, 10 eosbits {once only on your preferred platform {One post par users}

Submit the links of your entries as comments to this post.

Thanks TO @Krazywitness for supporting this contest with her tokens - Krazy koin
Vote for her on whaleshares platform✌️

To support this contest with your tokens kindly reach out to me on discord or if you have any ideas you think will make this contest stand out and great.

Kindly remember that September 15 is the end of whalestake Sharedrop claim, lets get more people aware so they can claim their whalestake.

MarshallLife will be hosting different crypto contest on this platform and give out tokens to people who participate. thanks for reading, hope to see you around.

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