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A letter from A Minnow to The whales [unknown]

Dear whales, In my dying days i speak in distress to you, i look up the trees and smile cause i know how this will feel, Dear whales before i cross to the other side, please read and don't make same mistake a second time

12 years ago, the globe was doomed.

Fiat rules the world like the king of Rome.
Sick and tired,a new chain was born.
and that brought the history this post is from.


"Ihsotas" popular with the word, anonymous to the world.

He created this blocks.
too hard to uncover like unscrambling this words ["otomakam"].
we don't know his name when it is spelt backwards.
fastward to this time, let the story be told.


The sea was cold and the fishes were bold.

they swam around the chain,with prove of post.
the "reward, and passion" make them do so.
The whales and dolphins,minnows they vote.


The sea became dry so hot to be loved.

whales and bid bots,sea turns into rogue.
minnows gave their all but just can't cope along.
But whales ain't no fishes so they survived like before.

Its like all fishes was stuck in a loop.

many lost hope, scared of tomorrow.
went near a tree,looked up with a rope,
reputation became zero, they left us a note.


A year ago a dream was told.

unfold to us,on a platter of gold.
the sea was calm when the whales brought hope.
To make them glad, the hope explode.
To make all fishes a whale the news went broad.


is this a mistake, an error or a poop? .

wrong or right, good or bad?
Before i sojourn, i have alot to say.
then read the next to come.
because This is a note from one of those minnow nearby a tree with a rope.

{To be continued}


if you can unscramble the words successfully [ Ihsotas otomakam ]

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