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Welcome New whales to the platform - (Whaleshares Recap)

marshalllifePosted to Public11 months ago5 min read


my own understanding-(qoute me wrong)

Whaleshares was a discussion from the BeyondBitcoin hangout on discord way back (a year ago) even before i knew a thing about the steemit platform,
whaleshares token was created as a cross chain token, to Summon whales on different social rewarding platforms built on chain,and with the most aim to reward community with a worthy tokens and users for there initiatives in the community.the whaleshares project started pretty fine to help minnows grow on any names platform that this whales are located here

A lot of blog posts were put out for users to understand what whaleshares is
and also how to use the whaleshares tokens to Summon whales to your post for an upvote.
Lot of give aways of this tokens was conducted just for doing little initiatives and you get rewarded.

But the steemit "most. steemit whales " weren't all that happy with this new community movements and development, just like the last days of the earth [Armageddon] every users including whales blogging about this project or being part of this initiatives was flag to hell and back [some saw the devil 👿 you can ask around lol]

But this never kept the great community down as more soldiers "troops in" ready to shoot with every community task and the community stay strong like "Neo in the metrix"

While some steemit whales call the project a metrix, the community and everyone in it knows exactly what they are doing and where they are going. they get tired of flagging

And days went by, on the long run, another token just like the whaleshares was out to help minnows/steemians find their ways on the platform, also known as beyond bit

That was when i joined - [This bad ass whaleshares gang]
well i love bad ass project what do you think, fuxxxxk i am not a dev, i wanna do more, yes you kn.!!!!!!!!
hey!! Lets no deviate from the topic Marshall, okay mind

The announcement made on the discord server of the whaleshares community turned everything around and that was the dawn of an Era and a new biginining for the aspiring up coming whales like my self and other blockchain adventurers lol.

On March 18 2018,exactly 5:00 pm WAT
It all begin with

Whaleshare Blockchain Distribution:
Million Initial Supply
Satoshi 10 2.1 Million
10% Brownie.pts 2.1 million
10% Whaleshares 2.1 million
70% Bitshares 14.7Million

Whaleshares Blockchain Tokens
Whaleshares (WLS)
Whaleshares evolves into its own DAC, the whaleshare vote token will be retired, replaced and sharedropped on. Those holding them at the time of the live chains launch will have their names added to a list of founding members.
Whalestake (WLS): the voting power token

And every thing changed since then, they were lots of tussle and hustle for the token in order to have more of that WLS vested power - contest were put out and lots of initiatives was put out for active people to hold this tokens.

And sadly for me then,i was busy buying up my studio equipment and have little or no fiat to buy whaleshares - yeah i was active on the server but i did get some free whaleshares but yup sold some to pay bills (life was hard then 😂)
Dear community forgive me 🙏 , he never knew what he was doing until now lol.
yeah but i did got my studio set up now, wishing it was now, but anyways,

The whaleshares beta was initiated and some individuals were selected and accounts activated for beta testing.

Different initiatives and so on, seconds turns to minutes, minutes to hours, hours into days, and months and behold the whaleshares Pre-launched and Sharedrops to Today when it fully gets launched and allow accounts creation with 1 to 10 ws-
for more details about how to claim your sharedrops or create an account read up here

The gate of whaleshares is open for more whales to get in, i think it is the belief of the community that anyone on whaleshares is a whale cause with time they build up their stake to help others too.

And at last free and in a new chain paradise, not in competition with any chain but unique with its ways,

Whaleshares.io is a home to so many loyal whales ✌️

Don't forget to claim your share drops,as this will be put to halt on sept 15

Birthday wishes

I'm using this opportunity to wish @Seveaux and @krazykrista a happy earth strong, enjoy your day.

whaleshares : Over the next couple of months, the Whaleshares development team will roll out several major updates that will revolutionize the way cryptocurrency-based content platforms operate and change the way you think of social media websites forever. After that, it's up to you, the users, to decide the future of the Whaleshares platform.

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