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My thoughts on whaletokens early introduction [Disadvantages to the platform]

marshalllifePosted to Public2 years ago7 min read


Whaletokens are in fact what makes whaleshares a lot different from other social rewarding platform, most of us might say hey isn't it like steemit Smt?
Yeah it is but such cross synergy between Ws and Bts has been on before steemit inc "borrowed" the idea, I'm not going to emphasize much on Who lectured who and whose ideas was good, lets keep it on whaletokens only and if you like what you read, sharing isn't a bad idea either, and also would be trying to make it as short as possible please bear with it , so lets hit on.

Whaletokens are user issued asset from the bitshares dex, bitshares allows anyone to issue asset for their different purposes, anyone can tokenize them selves or their project and can start trading it against bts(bitshares) .
UIA = User Issued Asset

The synergy between the whaleshares platform and the bitshares dex is the tokens created from the bitshares dex is backed by a whale on Whaleshares and could be used to summon such whale on your whaleshares post - this typically illustrate the concept of the platform whales that shares.
Why this is the most latest bad ass techy concept on social rewarding platform, I also for seen its disadvantages of being used on its early stage of a growing platform like whaleshares.

No doubt soon More rewarding platform would be available and most of this project might in one way "borrow" that concept or make it more advanced - it still remains that whaleshares.io is the first of its kind.

Why i am 💯 percent in love with the whole concept and used this unique tokens on my post,including this post too I somehow disagree with the whaletokens being used at this early stage of the whaleshares platform

Reasons - since we are on boarding more members and we need more newbies trooping in and most might be new to this whole social rewarding platform - the whales on the platform, not only the whales every member with at least 500 whalestake needs to be active to reward this new members, make them first feel Among the community, help them grow and feel accepted, guild them through, make the platform a home of addicted activities and And once much values has been added by all - "from members and the market price" etc -the whaletokens can then be officially announced for use, this period can be a gap of 4 months interval .

The platform is about 40 day's old or So, when the power down feature wasn't activated at the initial stage i know that is the right thing to do, every of the decisions made by the team has been Something i have been in support of - but the whale tokens is being unleashed too early - though many people are excited of this new features, i too I'm so Impressed of it but most time i sit quietly to reminisce things, the whaletokens always show up and i saw the danger up ahead.

That's why most time on discord i ask newbies to Dm me their articles to share - reward it and for more visibility.

This isn't the time for whales to depend on their tokens to do the job of summoning them, No No- we are too early for that - we need more users, before getting a whaletoken one must earn them or through contest.

  • the platform is new and still much infant, this is the time to read everyone's posts, engage with as much newbies you come in contact with, manually curate their post - give them rewards that they deserve so they know whaleshares is a platform that indeed reward them for sharing and they can invite more of their friends too

Being that the whaleshares users ain't up to 3000 yet but around 1500 to 2000 users shows we are incredibly growing and we need an added momentum to grow more.

We need a working mechanism to get people on board and those two tricks would be

  • An easy registration for newbies unto the website
  • And much engagement to newbies with low whalestake

Newbies are community cause we all were once a newbie on a platform

And this is why Smt would be more useful in the steemit community if on Any life time it gets introduced.

At a time everyone of us had enjoyed the platform and exposed to getting rewards easily from our post before a time when it got us all out and everything became like another platform - happened when the whales saw the platform as a cow to be Milked - left minnows depressed with the platform, Delegated all their Sp to Bidbots and minnows were forced to bid for bots - everyone got lost at some point but they still saw steemit valuable because of what they have gain from it at the initial stage.

Since the users are looking for ways and would do anything for whales to vote and having an opportunity to Earn it through initiatives and contest , they would definitely be happy to indulge on every contest for the "whaletokens" [Smt]

And that's when value arise - most of us want this whaletokens but how many are we currently? Compared to 10,000+ Users in search of this whaletokens.

I love the whale tokens but not in support to its early introduction and usage on the platform.

I'm not in Anyway trying to counter the whaleshares team and their efforts - I'm just someone having the project interest in mind and hoping to see it blossom.

You may not agree with me/its normal we can't agree with the devil for disobeying either ✌️

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