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My music, My talent, August 31st is the new year 馃槀 馃槀

marshalllifePosted to Publiclast year2 min read


My new tune will be released on Friday, and would be made available on different blogs for download
and also follow up with a video shoot and all those stuffs that goes down with promoting of music with lots of shows, i know this few days been a hell and the next coming days will be lot heller lol, as i be doing all i can to make sure i get all my booked performances completed.

The song I'm to drop on Saturday will be accompanied with my birthday celebration, yeah lets get it all groovy,

Song titled - Na Dem Dey Rush Us
produced by me and mixed by echoBoy

i explain a bit of the song on this post
but yeah any Nigeria citizen will picture and understand what I'm trying to say on that song just reading the tittle "Na dem dey rush us"
But its alot deeper than what you read, i went further to explain the heart brokes i got.

even before it release, i dropped some part of the song on minds.com, you can check this link below to prevail what the song is all about.


Or listen to a preview part on YouTube 鉁岋笍

-me a year ago, a picture i took last August 31st
Lets get the party started 馃



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