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Join the Eos-Bounties hunters ,Earn Eosbit and prepare for sharedrops

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Eosbounties is a group set up to "Reward" members with "Eosbits" especially verified members of that community who create and spread awareness of one Eos projects to other Eos telegram groups in order to get other Eos members/users get acquainted with what is going on around the Eos Ecosystem or with a particular Eos projects.

The Eosbounties community accepts the eosbit tokens for every single task they complete,
Its a very simple task, of sharing a particular piece of information or a blog post concerning Eos projects related to other Eos "Telegram groups"
and submit proofs, by phone grabbing (screenshot) from the Eos telegram groups you shared that info to.

The Eosbounties community started on telegram by sharing Eostalks blog post to other EOSIO Telegram groups but will be moving to discord in order to get our activities properly arranged/keep tracks and to grow in members also numbers and get other people involved with the opportunities to earn this eosbits tokens that will be so valuable in the near future and attracts share drops of different projects like the "Eostalks assets"


Eos Project Owners

The Eosbounties was created for the purpose of spreading and conveying Eos related Info's and messages across to several Eos telegram groups, due to the fact that they are several Eos groups on telegram,
So Eos projects owners can utilize and leverage this community by offering them some tasks to complete
{sharing of an information related to their project to other Eos groups to get them aware of the ongoing developments}

  • Eos project Airdrops
  • New Eos project surfacing
  • important message from your project to Eos users
  • Eos project scam alert
  • information across Eos telegram and twitter. etc

They are different Eosbounties community packages you can opt in for to reward the individuals who completes that task,the higher the package you select from the "discord package method", the more the packages attracts a desperate group of twitter campaigners, called project Atlas that will give your project a more social media presence on twitter and other social networking platforms.


What are Eosbits

Making it officially known that the eosbit is the official currency accepted by the Eosbounty community/members, and will soon become the official asset for the Atlas team
The eosbit token is tradeable on the Bitshares Dex,


Eosbits was intended to be worth bandwidth tokens on the eos chain but being a Bandwidth token,the eosbits has been upgraded and its becoming its very own DAC .

The eosbit tokens will attracts sharedrops of several similar projects and initiatives of the BeyondBitcoin team on the long run and projects soon to come, example is the eostalk chain that will lunch soon, sharedrops of this asset will happen to eosbits token holders, to see that this token apart from trading on the dex isn't that useless and being accepted by eosbounties community,also to run social media campaigns by the project Atlas team and some yet to come projects on the way will give this token much value,so everything and anything you do to earn this tokens is worth it, cause as much future benefits is attached to the eosbit tokens - you can buy and hold this tokens, this project will be so huge.


Join the community of Eos bounty hunters And also invite your friends to join in order not to miss this opportunities😃

let's Hunt together


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