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"Hal Finney" Meet the first person to receive $Bitcoin transaction

marshalllife2 months ago3 min read

Bitcoin is every where and on every news, everyone wish they knew about it earlier and all said they would have bought in. but imagine if you were the first person to receive Bitcoin on your wallet? 😶 wow how will you feel about that? even if you were the 100th person. but unfortunately we all reading this most be among the million transactions lol cause we all are the new generation of Bitcoin.

well congratulations anyway cause still billions don't know about Bitcoin if not it would have rocketed to 1b$ for 1btc lol

now to the man
Hal Finney was the first person ever to receive a Bitcoin transaction and so many people have taken him to be Satoshi nakamoto and for the fact that they both live in the same home town, they've been many speculation and thoughts about that,but the truth was that Hal Finney was enthusiastic about the project from the beginning.

ten years ago he tweeted "Running Bitcoin" i can also say that was the first ever tweet for bitcoin.

Hal Finney is a cryptographer and cypherpunk and boasted he got all his Bitcoin's from mining but unfortunately he died on August 28th 2014.
his first ever tweet and the first ever tweet about Bitcoin
Now let's talk about it, how would you feel if you were the first person to ever make a transaction of something that has become part of the world economy even financial institutions are still trying to adapt because it has gain global traction and many people say it's the future of world money.

unfortunately he died too early and didn't see that the Bitcoin he supported gain not only recognition by the world but he would have been among the world richest hodlers of cryptocurrency.

its feels good, if in the future Bitcoin becomes the aim of what it was created for, then Hal Finney had made history and would be among history.

image was screen grabbed from Twitter

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