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Eosbounties restructured - join telegram group and be rewarded with eosbits and whaletokens

marshalllife2 months ago5 min read

Have you heard of Eosbountiesbefore ?
probably not, okay here is a quick read

Meanwhile i am posting this on my account, you might also see a similar post on @project-atlas since Eosbounties is a sub project on the atlas project.

But anyways i will make it as brief as possible so, kindly seat pour some juice to your glass cup and digest.

WAIT!!!!!!!- first!!! can you help Reshare this post? , i want more people to get to read this and know about the eosbounties.

Eosbounties is a telegram group that rewards anyone who completes their task with valuable tokens.

what are the task involved?

This includes sharing of a particular info about a particular Eos project to numerous TELEGRAM GROUPS to achieve one aim of creating awareness and get the Eos sphere acquainted or get to know about the happenings of that projects.

what tokens do you receive for your time and completing task?


Good news is that after the arrival of lifecoin to reward whaleshares post - its getting more and more interesting on what i can now do on the platform with the project atlas alongside with the atlas team and the team behind the project atlas.

So how is the eosbounties restructured?

  1. The rewards has changed

I will try to make it as crossed promoting as possible by creating a synergy between the telegram group(task and reward ) and whaleshares platform - this implies i will try to make rewards that bounty hunters receive to be used on whaleshares, so technically it means whaletokens are now involved - rather than the regular Eosbits one received from task completion and could be traded on bitshares too, well rewards have changed hands With the Lifecoin and other whaletokens that will support the Eosbounties - hooray we are about to go 🔥 🔥
So from now on, eosbits isn't the only tokens to be received but also whaletokens, If you are a whaletoken owner and wish to sponsor the eosbounties kindly hit me up.

2.## The presence and awareness
On the Eos group and how to go about this

If you joined the eosbounties telegram group here
you all find that there is a pin post that states everything one should do. before, there use to be a post that says share the info to the Eos telegram groups below with a screen shots to verify the task,but i tend to find out it feels like we are spamming the groups with our numerous messages by different individuals. so, we've come to restructure it in a sense we want 1 person to post on one Eos telegram group.
this will also make us cover more grounds instead of 6 people to post unto just on one Eos telegram group, it can now be into 6 groups and this is how.

images (13).jpeg

How to share and validate your entries.

If you are among the eosbounty hunters and a task is announced,
there will be a required amount to be shared either twice/thrice/ into different EOS groups below.

You are to share the info to an Eos group and send the screenshot along side your bts address and the name of the EOS group you sent it to.

Others that want to participate will have to check and see if the group there are about to share the news to hasn't already gotten the info shared. and if it has, they need to go to other Eos group unless their task won't been seen as completed.
so long someone has sent a screenshot of their task with Eos Nation to be validated, anyone who sent a screenshot with Eos nation won't be taken as a valid but as a spam, cause we don't want it to look like a disturbance on the community.

Thank you and don't forget to join the Eosbounties and participate to earn whaletokens and eosbits.

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I am part of the atlas team
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