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Mandel's Game Library 馃幃 - 001 - Insurgency!

mandelsagePosted to Publiclast year2 min read

Ready for some fun? =) ... Because that's what this new series of posts is all about.

Thing is, over the years, I've bought a lot of games because they were on promotion - Steam Winter and Summer Sales, Humble Bundles, GoG, etc.. - but I never got to playing them. So I've decided to go through my list and play each one, while at the same time showing all of you the experience.

My intention is to then, after playing, give a brief evaluation of the game... My first impressions, etc. And based on what you all think, I might continue doing videos of the game.

So that is my first request here: Once you've watched the gameplay below, tell me if you'd like to see more =)

Also, I think I'll keep the posts shorter than my usual posts. A short summary about what the post series is about should suffice, with the video below that. We'll see how it goes.

This first game is one I know and love - Insurgency. It's a great First-Person Shooter enjoyable in both coop-multiplayer mode as well as solo that I've played often with my friend, Anton. I play a map here that I know well.

My second request is: Consider buying the game! =) @lackofcolor already did, has played with my friend and I, and seems to really enjoy it! ^-^

In the future, I'd like a big, gaming community to form here on Whaleshares, organically, where we all play together at different times, in different groups, making videos of our gameplay and sharing it all with everyone. As first-person-shooters go, Insurgency is really very enjoyable and easy to learn - a great introduction to the genre.

Here is the gameplay... Hope you enjoy! =)


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