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The story of shrimp and technology

macoolettePosted for Everyone to comment on, 4 years ago6 min read

Can you imagine how the world would be today without technology? Or maybe just having the same level of technology ten or twenty years ago?

I work in the IT industry so technology seem just typical part of every day. Well, who doesn't in today's world? Even a three-year-old kid can manipulate a gadget. I mean it never fully sank to me how crucial technology is until half kilogram of shrimps taught me so. Yes, my favorite seafood shrimp made me appreciate technology all the more!

What do shrimps have to do with technology? I will get back to that in a while. For now, let's be more conscious of what we think is just "typical" about technology.

Sustainable job in the mids of pandemic

On the fourth week of our enhanced community quarantine, our CEO called for quick videoconference townhall (we all are working from home) on a Monday to give update regarding our company status. At the end of his speech, he opened the floor for Q&A. No one asked anything except me. After my only question, everyone was quiet. When the CEO was about to end the meeting, I spoke up. I really felt like I had to share my conversation with my landlady the previous Saturday because it got me.

My landlady was saying she is troubled by my fellow tenants because they lost their jobs due to the quarantine and she may need to distribute relief goods to them. She was apologizing that she will not include me in the distribution because I am lucky that I still have my job. For a while, I was lost for words. Then I thought, "I am not lucky. I am blessed."
I shared the story to everyone in the videoconference call and ended with, "Thousands of people out there are lossing or have lost their jobs already. We are not just lucky. We are blessed that we all still have our jobs intact and full time. Thanks to technology that we are able to do this (the work-from-home setup). Let us cherish our blessings and value it all the more."

This is the best technology impact that I realized while on quarantine. Technology is not just typical in a day. It is a lifeline.

Information sharing

The fact that you are reading this post and can read it anytime even if we are on different parts of the world. What id I have to publish in a magazine, you need to subscribe and I have to send it to you via postal mail? Maybe social networking will not exist anymore with that case. Or, it may be within limited geographical areas only.

Spreading and sharing the good news

Mass celebrations in churches are obviously suspended. I missed the Sunday services but the quarantine did not stop the churches to deliver their services. Thanks to technology that many churches hold live streaming mass celebrations. I was amazed to see that thousands of people join the celebration online. There were even many who commented that they are celebrating with us from different parts of the world.

Screen capture from Facebook.

Keeping the financial world alive

Few weeks ago I was worried about how to remit the salary of my mother's caregiver in the province. She has a bank account but she has personal reason as to why she does not want me to deposit to that account so we came to a dead-end during our conversation. However after that, I called my niece and asked for her bank account number. Instead of bank account number, she gave me her credit card number. She told me to just pay her bills and she will take care of the caregiver's salary.
Good idea! I was in line to the cashier in a grocery store when I called her. Long before I reached the front of the line, I was able to pay in few minutes. Thanks to technology that we can do bank transactions anywhere anytime. All you need is a phone and an internet connection.

Empowering small businesses

I love this idea and now a reality!

The list will be endless if I try to recall and mention all benefits that technology can bring. So let me cut it short and jump to the shrimps.

Online stores are not new. Though, many of these are dominated by those who are better off who can afford to setup online stores. The small players are left behind. However, this is no longer the case (or at least lower cases) with technology. Another limitation of all online stores that I have seen before is that they offer processed foods only.

I was scrolling through Facebook page when I saw a post from a vegetable and seafood vendor in a local market. She was "peddling" her goods in a Facebook village group. She offers free delivery if buyer gets seafoods or just minimal delivery fee otherwise. I was like, "that is so cool!"



On the second week of our quarantine, I both several canned goods. However only after a couple of days, just thinking of having canned good again for my next meal already makes me feel week. I feel like I will be walking with preservatives if I continue with the canned goods. That is why I go out to buy fresh produce every weekend. With my discovery on Facebook, I got an excuse in favor of the quarantine to not go out anymore. What's more? It us way much cheaper from market vendors as compared to those in hypermarkets in malls.

I made my list and send the vendor a message. She was very quick and responsive. Placing my order was hassle-free.

My orders were delivered by a motorcycle rider. I was so happy when I got them but what amazed me is the fact that I have fresh, unprocessed seafods in front of me without going to the wet market.

Yes, I would give in to the idea that vegetables can be sold online but fresh seafoods?

"Of course, fresh seafoods can be marketed online. Proof is right in front of you."

Shallow as it may sound, shrimp is not a common display in wet markets, more so in hypermarkets. There has been very limited seafoods in the hypermarkets in the previous weeks that I went out - either just milkfish only or tilapia only. I never thought I can find and buy shrimp online.

Aside from the fact that I was able to have what I have been looking for in a long time, I was very happy to think that my money went to those who need it more instead of the tycoons of malls.

I hope all small business will have such idea and grab the opportunity of free online marketing on Facebook. May they also empower themselves by learning more about free other opportunities that technology can bring.

Stay safe and healthy, everyone!
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