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Round was FINISHED!!! Lotery 15.09.2021

m0ssa99Posted for Everyone to comment on, 5 days ago

Round is finished, New round start here
Welcome to the WHALESHARES lottery.

No need to leave comments in posts. All that is needed is to Tip this post with max 39.0 WLS.
More details can be found here

I believe that we are fundamentally the same and have the same basic potential. Dalai Lama

Jackpot: 41.237

Today nobody won the jackpot
Congratulations to our previous round winner: @feelx,
The amount won is 9.0 WLS,
The lucky number is: 3
Number of participants: 5
The list of participants: @andy4475, @bleujay, @ijmmaiwitness, @feelx, @konelectric, .
The blocks participating in the extraction are 31737862 and 31737861.
Congratulations to the winner!!!
Good luck to everyone!!!
From 261 active accounts in the last 30 days - 84 have no witnesses voted, 120 have voted for at least one inactive witness for more than 30 days, and 57 have received a TIP of 0.732 WLS each, out of the total 41.746 WLS offered
To the jackpot were added:5.856
Thanks to: @antediluvian, @avaricious, @backupwitness1, @bedraggled, @executiondie, @fishmonger, @frightening, @m0ssa99,

Image borrowed from @liaminit

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