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Lucashunter Witness - This Is Why You Should Vote My Witness.

lucashunter7 months ago3 min read

On Saturday 25th August 2018, I finally got my witness node activated after more than a week of battling with Linux to set-up a Witness Server.

The challenge of setting up a witness node has helped me to learn more Linux in just a week than I thought was possible for me. I went from a Linux command newbie level to an Intermediate level, thanks to @black-man, @bushkill, @kennybll, @powerpics, and @startail for their help and the patience to answer my questions.

I am very grateful guys!

Why I choose to become a Witness on Whaleshares

In my whaleshares mission section on my intro post here


I outlined that my mission is to promote the Whaleshares community to all Netizens (the global Internet user base) and motivate them to become a member.

Because Whaleshares is a DAO - Decentralized Autonomous Organization there is no official marketing team set up to take up the task of marketing the community to reach out to the world. As a long time Internet Marketer, I have come to notice that no growth happens by luck or chance, but by a well laid out marketing plan and strategies.

As an Internet marketer of more than seven years of practicing experience, and an expert in paid ads marketing: I buy relevant and quality ads from networks like Youtube, Facebook, Quora and Twitter (I know how to get cheap traffic from most of these sources) and then send it to a web funnel to achieve my marketing goals (maybe to build an email list, generate leads or get sales).

I want to take up the mantle of spreading the news about Whaleshares from my income from engagement on the chain and witnessing. I will unveil my marketing strategies in my future posts and may need the help of the community to spread the news.

To reward everyone involves in spreading the gospel of whaleshares, I have created a whale token as a reward token for community participation in Whaleshares marketing.

Holders of the token can sell it on Bitshares, stake it for weekly reward in WLS, or use it as a means of payment in an online store that will set up later. WLS token earned from the witness will be used to back the issuance of the whale token.

I will post an official announcement once the token is ready (although I have created it already).

How To Vote For My Witness

Follow this short guide to know how to vote my witness if you haven't done that yet.

Go to this page https://whaleshares.io/~witnesses

On that page, you will see the list of all active witnesses go to the section in the screenshot below and enter my witness "lucashunter"

Click the green button with the share inscription to vote for my witness.

Thank you so much, you have just initiated the beginning of something great to come. Please follow me to get future updates.

If you have any question or suggestion, please comment below as I will appreciate your comments and suggestions


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