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Minnow Monday Reward Session

lost1085 months ago

Hello dear friends, I've decided this week to go with something different, we all hate Mondays right, well I wanted to make something cool on this day so we can all kinda chill and forget the bad sides of Monday.

What I plan to do is simple enough, I will start a Weekly Minnow Monday Session, what does this mean?

  • This means that I will boost users with 20-50% of my reward (approx: 0.70 - 1.80 WHALESTAKE) who comment on my post, all you have to do is comment with something relevant to WhaleShares and I will cast my reward on some of your posts that I like.


Rules & Requirements:

  • Comment on this post, make it relevant to WhaleShares
  • Make sure you are under the minnow radar, only accounts bellow 100 WHALESTAKE.

That's all, happy Monday y'all, have a great day.


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