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Ready for the Swap? Musicoin is going to swap in the next weeks

lorenzopistolesiPosted for Everyone to comment on, 3 years ago

After years of experiments, we have pinpointed several key areas to innovate online music service with blockchain technology by removing both hypes and barriers from previous experiences. The whole community has applied some novel processes to bring composable and interoperable potential into a new protocol to facilitate a decentralized music streaming realm over a public blockchain (Ethereum, more specifically). The new protocol aims to unlock billions of dollars which are hindered by today’s centralized and intransparent models handled by monopoly players and unleash the power of musicians, listeners, and curators, to realize the potential of music.
ppp smartcntract.png
Take a look to the new

And we can easily embedd Musicoin song on WhaleShares, that's a must for cross-chain experience. Enjoy listen Crypto for Venezuela

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