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Our First Translation And Some Updates

litPosted for Everyone to comment on, 3 years ago3 min read

Happy New Year!


Yeah, our first real translation.

@sharanaithal found @charliechain and read a poem in Hindi that he really liked. He noticed that someone had said they would have liked to see it in English as well and he jumped into action and invited Charlie into the world of @lit.

It was getting close to payout for that poem, so Charlie posted another poem in Hindi and @sharanaithal translated it, adding a comment at the bottom. This is how he is rewarded for his translation.

You can read this poem here.

We have got some constructive feedback that we are going to implement but we want to see what you think as well.

We want to know what can we do better. We also want to know what we are doing right.

Now for a few updates

The holidays were pretty slow around here so we don't have too many things to tell you but we do have a few exciting new additions to the language rooms.

@mandelsage - Portuguese
@maya525 - Indonesian
@bonaboi - Yoruba
@imransoudagar - Urdu
@ayuga - Russian
@sharanaithal - Hindi

We also have @pankso still leading @teamfrench, @anouk.nox heading up the Dutch team, and @joelsegovia with the Spanish team.

As we move along and build, we hope to be able to organize the teams with the team leader, curators, translators, and also recruiters.

Baby steps.


How you can help.

We are always going to need help. Especially as Whaleshares grows and more and more people flood in. There's not much that we would turn down.
If you wanted to donate to our reward pool, it would help us to compensate the people that are working here. So far everyone is working like dogs as volunteers but it would be nice to throw them a bone when they are doing a great job. We all know that a pat on the back only lasts so long.

Our Bitshares wallet is lost-in-translation in case you wanted to help in that way.

We could also use help with just about everything else.

You can Join Us In Discord for more information or just to hang out with people. We're pretty friendly folks.

Oh, one more thing. If you like what we are doing here, please consider @comedyopenmic, @profanereviews, and @bushkill-witness for your witness votes. You can vote here. If you don't see us, you can type the name into the bottom box

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