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It's Getting Interesting Now (And A Brief Tutorial)

litlast month4 min read

LIT is getting busier!


That means that we are trying to become more organized at a faster rate. This is good. There will be no resting on our laurels.

We have been trying to get the Discord server set up to eliminate a bit of the chaos and get people to where they need to be. We had it set up so that anyone could join and go into the language channels to speak with anyone in there. We have done away with that because it is hard for us to monitor interactions.

@sharanaithal has made us some templates to go at the bottom of each translation and for each translator's comment. We hope to implement handy little additions to make it easier for everyone involved.

Do you have an idea for us? Drop us a comment or Join Us In Discord to discuss it.

For example, @matthewdavid wanted some translations done on his blog (Thanks, Matthew!) and was able to go in and ask people in the channel to contact him directly for information.

The problems that could arise are that @joelsegovia is the team leader and needs to be able to arrange the translations in the group. He also needs to approve translations before they go out. If we miss the posts coming in, or out, it could result in either us/the author not getting credited because some of our identification text is missing or the person might get an inferior translation because the translation was not proofread and checked before going into the outbox.

We also have a system of posting the translated posts in a separate channel so that they and the translator's comment can be rewarded
We were contacted by @mandra, a young, Indonesian man from the Aceh region. He wanted advice on how to become successful on Whaleshares. Right there is a key reason why we do this and why some people are successful in life.

They want help.

We had a look at his blog and he was posting frequently but it was a mixture of Indonesian and Google Translate English. We set him up with @maya525 to help him get some proper translation done and we helped him a little with formatting his post to make it a bit easier to read. It had photos in between the paragraphs, so it wasn't a straightforward copy/paste of the translation.

I used cut up screenshots pasted together in Paint to show him what could work better than two separate posts and sent him this photo.

This way the photos and text match up for both languages.

Another thing that might help even more to separate the languages or the paragraphs is a line.

I'm sure that there are a lot of ways to do it but I found this the easiest and simplest way.

We know there are many fantastic ways to enhance a blog post and if there is anyone out there that would like to work with us on a set of formatting tutorials for beginners, we would love to talk with you about it. Just anything that can help new users out would really be appreciated by a lot of people like @mandra.

It can really help out with the readability of a post and when it comes down to it, you could have interesting content but if people can't read it you aren't going to have many eyes on it.

New Translations!

We have had a few new translations since the last update. Please go and support the authors and translators if you like what they are doing.











How you can help.

We are always going to need help. Especially as Whaleshares grows and more and more people flood in. There's not much that we would turn down.
If you wanted to donate to our reward pool, it would help us to compensate the people that are working here. So far everyone is working like dogs as volunteers but it would be nice to throw them a bone when they are doing a great job. We all know that a pat on the back only lasts so long.

Our Bitshares wallet is lost-in-translation in case you wanted to help in that way.

We could also use help with just about everything else.

You can Join Us In Discord for more information or just to hang out with people. We're pretty friendly folks.

Oh, one more thing. If you like what we are doing here, please consider @comedyopenmic, @profanereviews, and @bushkill-witness for your witness votes. You can vote here.


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