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Introducing Lost In Translation

litPosted for Everyone to comment on, 3 years ago5 min read


Who are we?

We are a growing group of Whaleshares members that want to make it easier for people that may not have a strong command of English, to contribute in their native language and still gain value from Whaleshares and the community surrounding it. We plan to achieve this goal by translating as much text as possible into english.

To be more specific, @comedyopenmic and @profanereviews initiated the project with the help of @bushkill-witness, and @pankso with @teamfrench starting us off. We will also be working with @joelsegovia, who will be heading up the Spanish team and @anouk.nox who will be the leader for the Dutch team.

We also have Yoruba, Hindi, and Indonesian teams in the works and are always looking for more. If you want to help out, please let us know.


What are the short-term goals?

Our plan of action is to assemble teams for each language we can and then have that team curate and translate worthy content from authors in their respective language. This will allow people to write with more creativity because they have the words at their disposal and won't need to rely on Google Translate or their own translation skills to put the post into broken English.

We will then reward the original post and the translated post with bhive tokens and our personal accounts.
These tokens are provided by @bushkill-witness

What are the long-term goals?

Well, we would like to eventually have all languages covered with teams to help people become more creative and independent. We hope that the people who are helped will stick around and help others who need it.

We also would like to see if this helps slow down spam and plagiarised posts on the platform by offering a way for people to get rewards while posting original content. The offending accounts can be offered help and those that are sincere will accept it, while those that are just here to cheat will have to deal with @ijmmai.
A lot of the people that are plagiarising are doing it because they see the rewards that English posts get and they try to copy that to get more rewards. From the sound of it, a lot of them need it to survive and nobody should ever be in that position. This is why we created this group. The world includes more than just English people and so should we.
We are also planning on launching a token and a translating service to help with costs.
I'm sure our goals will change as we gain new members and community leaders so we will be doing updates as we go along. For now, let's get on with the show.

Team French(@pankso)

(As the teams come together and organize we will be publishing posts to introduce them.)
The @teamfrench account is a community account (POSTING key is shared) with the mission to support all French speakers on Whaleshares. We do manual curation (no bot) on quality content. We are also here to help new members get started on the platform or to give advice, and we also support all other language teams via comments rewards to help them grow their voting power. @teamfrench is now also part of @lit (Lost In Translation) and we can provide English translations to any French posts.
This is the English version of @teamfrench's introduction post.
And here is theThe basics of getting started on Whaleshares in French
This one is a beautiful example of a translated post.
another translated poem with an example of how beneficial this service can be and the difference a proper translation can be.
Google Chrome automatically translated this for me so it showed me this.

When it should have shown me this.

The one on the left is her translation of her own poem and the one on the top right is Google's translation. Are you seeing the difference?

"Your vision goes up the ladder", "Will you kiss the message"?

Computers are good at many things but they can't replace emotion, feeling, or the human touch that two people can convey while talking to each other.
This is a big reason that people who don't write in English could find this resource invaluable.

As we have said, this is a work in progress but we have a great base with a fantastic team so now all we need is you!

How you can help.

We are always going to need help. Especially as Whaleshares grows and more and more people flood in. There's not much that we would turn down.

If you wanted to donate to our reward pool, it would help us to compensate the people that are working here. So far everyone is working like dogs as volunteers but it would be nice to throw them a bone when they are doing a great job. We all know that a pat on the back only lasts so long.
Our Bitshares wallet is lost-in-translation in case you wanted to help in that way.
We could also use help with just about everything else.
You can Join Us In Discord for more information or just to hang out with people. We're pretty friendly folks.
Oh, one more thing. If you like what we are doing here, please consider @comedyopenmic, @profanereviews, and @bushkill-witness for your witness votes. You can vote here. If you don't see us, you can type the name into the bottom box.

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