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And Now We Proofread!

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That's right, we are now looking for English proofreaders.

As we move through our new environment together, we have come across several learning curves. It's to be expected, we think, for a group of inexperienced people trying to create a viable translation service to come up to a few hurdles but if we don't clear them, we don't advance to the next heat.

Right now we are working on proofreading the posts in English to make sure that they are understandable. We have noticed, on occasion, that it is easier to translate words than it is to translate the grammar and context. Also, there are words that don't exist between some languages.

We feel that we have a pretty good system figured out with Google Docs where we can have people come and edit a translation to fix up any little errors and missteps, to make it the most readable for the new audience. @penderis and @anouk.nox have been working tirelessly on this and now we would like to test it with a few of you that agree to a little bit of guinea-pigging.

You don't need to know any other language except for English and have access to Google Docs. (It's fine to use it anonymously.) We are just trying to figure out the simplest way of doing things, instead of having to actually send files back and forth in hopes that someone will find the time in their busy schedule to help edit. This way, the link can be posted in a private channel for translators and editors/proofreaders and whoever gets there first can help out.

This is subject to change

Obviously, we are open to new and better ideas on how to better manage this so if you have a great idea that we should know about, please tell us about it. I hear people at the local coffee shop talking about how my company could do things better but nobody ever tells the company what their thoughts are. They just gripe about how stupid we are to their friends and Joanne, the morning waitress.

Well, unlike the people I work for, we are happy to consider alternative ways of doing things.

So if you could help us out, even just a little bit, leave a comment or join our discord and talk to us there. The link is down below here in the next section. That is the quickest way to get someone but we will eventually see comments or other forms of communication, like pigeons, smoke signals, or pony express.

How you can help.

We are always going to need help. Especially as Whaleshares grows and a growing number of people flood in. There's really not much that we would turn down in the way of assistance.

If you wanted to donate to our reward pool, it would help us to compensate the people that are working here. So far they are working like dogs as volunteers but it is nice to throw them a bone when they are doing a great job. We all know that a pat on the back is great but people have bills that need to be paid.

Our Bitshares wallet is lost-in-translation in case you wanted to help in that way.

We could also use help with just about everything else. Come and talk to us. We will find something for you to do.

You can Join Us In Discord for more information or just to hang out with people. We're pretty friendly folks.

Oh, one more thing. If you like what we are doing here, please consider @comedyopenmic, @profanereviews, and @bushkill-witness for your witness votes. You can vote here.


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